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There are so many things to read, so many resources available to you.  Don't limit yourself to just the articles in this section, be sure to look at the articles listed in the section "for those in the lifestyle" and other topics as well.  As your time permits, you'll find there are a great many resources available to you on this website as well as others.  As you visit these pages, you'll find additional links to other pages here on the site.



The Acid Test ~ Finding a Real Dominant vs. a Wannabe..

A committment to myself

Advice for the submissive   (A must read if you are new online!)

A Dominants view

A submissives creed

A submissives creed (transcript of from chat log)

A submissives prayer

A submissives rule

Accepting Collars to soon, A true story about

Am i being abused?

Characteristics of a slave

Common Mistakes People Make


Dealing with emotions

Dealing with your Anger as a submissive

The Distinct Phases of Stripping Away to Total Submission

Domestic Violence in the SM Community (BDSM D/s)

Domestic Violence Support Telephone Numbers

Dominance and submission ~ A Power Exchange Relationship

Dominant vs. Mentor

Do You Have a Dominant Partner?

A submissives Do's and Don'ts

Dumped by your Dom

The Essence of submission

Eye to Eye

Finding the perfect Dominant

Finding your Dom

A First View on D/s

i, sub...

On Finding a Dom

Finding your way

The First Meeting (From virtual to real time)

Have you asked your Dominant,, ?

I am a submissive woman

Introduction to submission

The Invisible submissive

Kneeling...a few tips from the girls

Letters from your sisters

Lifestyle Myths

Married Dom seeks submissive

About your Mentor

The Meaning of submission

On Being "In Service"

One Bad Decision

Online Dangers

Online Protocols

Online Red flags

Overcoming Negativity

The Process of Selection

Questions for your Dom

Responsibilities of a submissive

Rules for the submissive

Safe Calls

Safe Calls, More on the subject

         Safe Call Network

Safe First Meetings

Safe Meeting Guide

Safe Surfing - a story for children, yes, even those children over 21

Self Esteem

Seven Deadly sub Sins

Silence in Submission

Slave (submissive) Petitions

Some thoughts for those seeking to know their submission

So you want to be a slave?

Starting Down The Road

sub/slave register


A submissives Rights

submission as a gift

submissive reboundA submissive/slaves role

Temporary Consensual Agreement

Ten Things femsubs do to Mess Up Their Lives

Ten rules for submissives

Ten tips for the novice

The Collar

The gift

The subbie's couch

Things to know about approaching a Dominant

Total Power Exchange (TPE)

Was That Dominant Or Was That Rude?

What a Master should be

What makes a good Dominant?

What Makes a Great Dominant Partner for a submissive

What slaves need

Why the hurry?

Who You Become

Words of a Master

Writing a Kinky Relationship Into Being

your journal


Asj's Recommended journal website


Consensual Slavery

Consent With Awareness

Contracts ~ Do I really need a contract?

Did you ask permission?

Discussion of Dominance and submission

Does D/s interfere with communication?

Domestic Abuse/Violence Help Resources

Dominance and submission: A Dom's Point of View

Dominants Council

Doms Are Infallible

Dom/sub Down Time


Finding a kinky lover

Formal Collar (Slave Collar)

From virtual to real time, the first meeting

Handling your anger

The Healthy submissive

He said, she said; PMS and being a slave

Honesty in a D/s Relationship

Honorifics, Titles and Respect

How to enhance the Dominant or submissive traits of a vanilla partner

How (Some) Poly People Meet Each Other

Introducing your Partner to D/s

Is What I See On The Net Real?

Knights vs. Gods

Lifestyle Resources

Limitations and Personal Growth

Living D/s with children in the home

Living the D/s Lifestyle

Living the Lifestyle within Reality: Part 1

Lubricant's - A Beginners Guide to

Online Predators

A Master and His sub/slave

The Mindset of Safety


Munch Do's and Don'ts

Munch FAQ's

Munch - What is a munch?

The Needs of a slave

An Oath to You my Master

Offline Honesty

Online to Real Life

Online Safety

Online vs Real Life D/s

Oral Sex and Throat Cancer?

O/our thoughts on a collar

Personal Labels in D/s


Polyamory - Asj's Community Message Board, a thread on the subject of Polyamory


Reducing the Risks of Meeting an Online Acquaintance

The Reality of Service

Service-Oriented Collar (Relationship)

slave contracts

slave vs. submissive, an opinion

Slavery and Safe Words

A slaves right

The Pleasure of Pain - Why some people need S&M


Trust - The foundation

What is a D/s relationship? (by Master Aegean)

What is a D/s relationship? (by Rover)

What is and what makes a D/s relationship?

What is a "safeword"

A Wheel of Balance

A World of Absolutes

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