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Consensual Slavery


 In all truth, the practice of slavery was abolished by the  13th amendment of the Constitution of the United States,  thus making the practice illegal and any contracts calling  for it unbinding.


 But.... does that stop those who seek in their own hearts  to be "slaves"?   No, it doesn't.  Why not?


 Simple... this is America. This is the Land Of The Free  and The Home Of The Brave. We pride ourselves as a  nation as being the place where anyone in the world can  come and express themselves.. without fear of  persecution and deridment.  Our country's tumultuous  past has been riddled with the deaths of Men and  Women alike, who gave up their lives to preserve that  concept.


 We, in this alternative lifestyle, have chosen our individual  forms of self expression. Yes, I said chosen. No one can  force anyone to be a submissive. No one can force  someone into any situation they wish.


 But... in this lifestyle.. we have what is called TPE, which  is.. Total Power Exchange. Which is defined in the  book... Screw The Roses, Give Me The Thorns, as "the  empowerment of the Dominant BY the submissive's  surrender to His/Her control. The power exchange is  consensual and should be well negotiated. The depth  of power yielded by the submissive is equal to the level  of responsibility assumed by the Dominant."


 That means... that the submissive/bottom/would-be slave  VOLUNTARILY gives up the authority they hold over  themselves to a Dominant. Thus bringing about as "slave-  like" an existence as is possible under the constraints of  the 13th Amendment.  This sort of relationship CAN but  does NOT always cross over to matters of personal  finance, employment choices, even  personal hygiene.   But what is always doubly stressed is the importance of  the responsibilities of each partner. The responsibility of  the Dominant to care and nurture the submissive/bottom/ would-be slave, and the responsibility of the submissive/ bottom/would-be slave to always be open and honest.   Communication between the two is VITAL.


 Now some may query.... but does that mean that the  submissive/bottom/would-be slave is now without basic  human rights?  The answer to that is a resounding no!  A  TPE relationship.. isn't one that is entered to  haphazardly.. or at least it shouldn't be.  Each party must  really.. and I mean REALLY know the other person.  Time  must be taken to develop a true bond... not just some  superficial attachment that allows for erotic sceneing.


 A great deal of the time.. the term submissive is  exchanged for the term "slave" for quite a few reasons.  One of which being that often times people don't  acknowledge that there are varying degrees of  submission. The following excerpt is from an article  written by William A. Henkin, Ph.D. , entitled Submission,  Worship, and Slavery...


 "In a brief essay Pat Califia included in The Lesbian SM  Safety Manual (Boston: Alyson), Diane Vera describes  "Nine Degrees of Submission." They include: 

 1. the "outright non-submissive masochist or kinky  sensualist,"

 2. the "Pseudo-submissive non-slave,"

 3. the "Pseudo-submissive PLAY slave,"

 4. the "True submissive non-slave,"

 5. the "True submissive PLAY slave,"

 6. the "Uncommitted short-term but more-than-play semi  -slave,"

 7. the "Part-time consensual-but-REAL slave,"

 8. the "Full-time live-in consensual slave," and

 9. the "Consensual total slave with no limits."


 As she observes, "in the SM subculture, the majority of  submissives' seek scenes in categories 1 through 3,  whereas most of the dominants I know seek slaves in  categories 6 and 7." Category nine, she says, is a  "common fantasy ideal which probably doesn't exist in  real life."'


 Many times Our lifestyle choice has been lambasted by  those who look upon it as nothing more than tolerated  cruelty and brutality imposed on a certain genre of  person. In reality... Gorean principles teach Us that  inflicting pain or humiliation.. just for the hell of it.. isn't true  Dominance.. or Mastery.  True Mastery comes from  knowing Oneself, through personal training, Mentorship,  and THEN the nurturing of a human being to embrace  their full sexuality as well as reach higher heights in the  content of their character.


 I write this as a Woman who here online... "owns" two  slaves.  Both women are very.. very precious to Me and  both girls fall into different catagories of submissiveness.  I call them both slaves.. for a simple reason. They both  trust Me and My judgments concerning them. They both  CHOSE to give Me that power within their lives and  because of that choice. I am responsible for their care  and their growth within the confines of the medium W/we  are given. I take that responsibility damn serious.


 Do I tell Myself that I have the right to crush them... just  because I am the Dominant?  Hell no. Do I tell Myself that  they are less than people because of their decision  regarding Me?  Hell no!  If I wasn't sure of something...  would I pretend to know all the answers just because I  am the Dominant?  HELL NO!


 They are My slaves... because God bless em.... they  chose to be.

 Author unknown



Temporary Consensual Agreement



Temporary Consensual Master Contract



Negotiated Boundaries Contract for the Enslavement Term


This Indenture


Slave Contract


Master & Slave Contract





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