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It is the Holidays Season once again. A time of year full of rituals both religious and pagan, a time of thanksgiving, singing and giving. Holidays are characterized by certain rituals that bring memories through out the years. Rituals anytime are repeated ways we go about doing something that has a meaning, or purpose which when done in a specific way or at a specific time centers us in who we are and what we are about. It brings certain spirituality to our lives and brings a joy to the lives of those performing rituals. Rituals bring us back to how we go about doing what we do.


Some people don’t understand the need for rituals in the D/s Lifestyle or BDSM. This extends to their lack of understanding of other lifestyle facets such as protocols, etiquette, and manners. They simply don’t see what they are missing by not incorporating ritual and practice into the art and form of the Dominant/submissive lifestyle and BDSM. For them it is just a way to spice up the bedroom and add excitement to a relationship or erotic experience.


When planning your special BDSM holidays festivities you should consider the needs of your relationship. Consider the dynamics of your relationship when creating the customs that will be followed this season. Ultimately, everyone’s customs will be different when it comes to something like this, so you will want to take the ideas you have read here and use them to your advantage this holidays. You can do this by creating new ideas or by reinventing them to work for your own relationship.


You can read more about rituals here on the Asj web site.  And of course don’t forget about your BDSM gifts and presents!  I invite you to visit the Asj Store, or click on many of the links located throughout the Asj web site.


Something new for 2018

If you’ve ever explored the Asj web site, you may have found the “public” or “html” pages on the site, yes, there are still several hundred of these pages and while there are still plans that eventually they’ll be merged into the community pages on the site, the reality is, they’ll still be around for the foreseeable future.

There is a “new look” coming to these pages, including the conversion to “mobile device friendly” coding.  If you’d like to see an example of “old” vs. “new look”, take a peek at these two links..  same content, just old look vs. new look.

Don’t expect all the pages to change at once, it’s a long process and may take at least 12-18 months, but at least it's in the works...  

Happy Holidays!




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