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As I woke up this morning the weather report is calling for a couple of inches of snow this evening…  Yes, I guess the Holidays are behind us and winter is truly here!  Welcome to 2017! 

We’ve all heard the term “summer lovin’,” but what about winter? When the thermostat drops, it can be hard to feel like keeping your romance active. It’s often easier to just stay in and have the same routine each day. But just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t keep each other warm. There are plenty of ways in which the two of you can maintain the heat.  Winter is a great time to begin to explore some of those BDSM fantasies and desires.  Take a moment, browse thru the Asj Library, considering exploring some things you haven’t tried before, whether it’s simple bondage or wax play you may just find some things to warm up those chilly days.

Here on Asj as we roll into the new year, check the site calendar, you’ll notice we’ve again restarted our D/s Classes and Discussions.  I hope your schedule will allow you to join us for many of these.  Watch as additional classes and discussions are added. 

During the coming year, you’ll see an emphasis on Asj towards making the site and content significantly more user friendly to those of you that use Mobile Devices such as phones and iPads.  As you probably already know, yes, our chat rooms are fully mobile device capable.  Expect to see more of an emphasis on member participation in our forums. 

Our members have asked for more discussions and classes on BDSM “How To” topics, Gor, Poly and submissive vs slave topics.  I hope to revitalize our Gorean Community and expand our BDSM discussions.  Starting in February, we’ll add at least one Poly discussion/class to the calendar each month.  I’m still looking at how best to represent the submissive vs. slave issue and I’m open to your suggestions.

Regardless of the season or the weather, don't forget...  Our chat rooms are open 24/7..  I hope we'll see you in chat soon! 




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