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Eye to Eye


Something occurred the other day that set me thinking about my role/position within my Master/slave relationship with MG. i happened to say that as his slave i felt that i was not his equal and that he was, as my Master, on a higher level than i. He disagreed. He feels that we are in an equal partnership, equal in all things and i would guess that as a general rule i cannot argue with that. In our lives yes, we each have equal say in most thing, we each have something to bring to our relationship and we each give and take from it, in the same amounts. We are equal within the realm of human interaction, both intelligent, both able and capable and both have individual assets we bring together within what it is we do. From the outside, we are equal, even though he is Master and i am slave, we each contribute an equal amount to the relationship.  The fact that MG has the Dominant role in our lives does not give Him some greater sense of worth or superiority.

MG values my opinion, in fact he requires it of me and as such i am involved in every aspect of our relationship. He will of course always have the final say as Master, but He also knows that i am intelligent and capable of holding me own if and when i am required too.

There are many that might conclude that it is actually the submissive with all the power in a relationship but i would not agree. It has been said that the Dominant only has what is given by choice, and cannot independently take what is not given freely and that being the case, the submissive has a certain amount of "power" within the M/s bearing in mind that the power in an M/s relationship flows from the submissive to the Dominant, in the form of the submission given.

Now, why should I not agree with some of that...I'll tell you why...

i cannot and will not argue that both MG and i as human beings are equal, and if we were not Master and slave i would have no problem with that at all. But, we are and as Master, from my perspective, He is the greater being, i bow to his authority, i kneel before Him, i give of myself in all and very aspect of our lives, willingly, and if i were allow, would happily put him on the highest pedestal i could find. If he would accept the title of "Lord and Master" i would give it (but he won't) so for me, NO, we are not equals within the contents of our M/s and never will be. He will always be the greater force and no amount of people telling me otherwise is going to change my view. Of course, that isn't to say that i consider every Dominant in that light, far from it, this view i have is for MG and MG alone, to anyone else, i am as equal and have as much right as they do and let anyone try and say otherwise. slave to only One, MG, to anyone else, feisty, opinionated, kick ass fem. As my MSN profile proudly claims.

Equal in what we offer one another, equal in what we give and receive, equal in that one cannot be, without the other...maybe, but He is Master and as such, hold a higher place than i as his slave will every do.

Don’t get me wrong here folks, I am not shouting that as a slave i have no worth or input into anything, nor am i condoning a Dominant attitude where the Dom takes, take takes and never gives anything back… not at all. What i am saying here is that for me, within the relationship i have with MG, He will ALWAYS be, the power, the force, and as such, i put him up high, i place him in a position of authority and because i do, i feel that he is on a higher plateau within our relationship….in fact.. that’s where i wish him to be.. want him to be. For me, He will always be above me in our lives, that doesn’t make me an less or worth any less, all it means for me is that as my Master, i look UP to him…. Not eye to eye. And that is how i like it and how it will always be, for me.

Oh..i am going to add a GREAT BIG FOOTNOTE HERE...just in case people have misinterpreted what i am saying here...

i am slave, He is my Master, we cannot be equal or we would not be who we are


(Author unknown, if you are the author, or know who the author is, please 

contact Me so that appropriate acknowledgement  for this article can be given, in the 

interim, this is assumed to be public domain)


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