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Slave Contracts



 As you begin to spend a bit of time in the lifestyle you'll hear of

 documents referred to as "slave contracts".  These documents are

 also known by a multitude of other names so don't let the

 nomenclature fool you.  They all serve basically the same intent.


 A slave contract or other written agreement is not required within a Dominant submissive (D/s)  relationship, regardless of whether you are submissive or slave.  This  type of agreement can however be used to clarify boundaries, limits or  intents and may be worth considering.  


 It's worth noting that a "slave contract" is not legally enforceable in the United States nor is it in many other countries.  While there are many that will argue differently, it is my opinion, and the opinion of some  attorneys that I've spoken with that there are some documents that can  be written that are enforceable if they are written as stand alone documents some things that can be written up as separate and unique  documents that may be enforceable (such as powers of attorney, labor  or services agreements, rental agreements, etc.) so always use care  in signing anything.  If you don't intend to live up to the terms of the  agreement, you shouldn't consider signing it!  The links below will  provide you with a few samples of various types of agreements.

 .                                                                     CJ

Temporary Consensual Agreement



Temporary Consensual Master Contract



Negotiated Boundaries Contract for the Enslavement Term


This Indenture


Slave Contract


Master & Slave Contract






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