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First Time for Eveything: Getting Spanked


A First View on D/s


Fish or Cut Bait


i, sub


Three Essays on Finding a Dominant


Finding Your Way


First Meeting (From Virtual to Real Time)


Have  You Asked Your Dominant... ?


Help!  My Spouse is into Erotic Power Play!


How D/s Can Help a Marriage Outside of the Bedroom


How To: Breast Bondage


How To: Electrical Play


How To: Nipple Play and Nipple Torture


How To: Performing Fellatio


How To: Use Clothespins


How To: Wax Play


Humiliation: On Being Called a Slut


I am a Submissive Woman (article 1)


I am a Submissive Woman (article 2)


I am a Submissive Woman (article 3)


Ice Play


Interviewing a Prospective Dominant/ Submissive, BDSM Partner


Introduction to Submission


The Invisible Submissive


Is Your Master Infallible?


Jay Wiseman on Safety


A Kajira's Thoughts on Gor


Kneeling...  A Few Tips From the Girls


Knowing Ourselves, Finding Our One


Letters From Your Sisters


Lifestyle Myths


The Loving Dominant


Lupercal Festival Explained




Married Dom Seeks Submissive


The Master


The Meaning of Submission


The Mythology of Consensual Slavery


Nipple Clamps


Oh, The Shame of it All


On Being "In Service"


One Bad Decision


One Step at a Time


Online Dangers


Online - Good, Bad and Ugly


Online Protocols


Online Red Flags


Overcoming Negativity


Piercings - Healing & Care


Preparing the Gift for Giving


The Process of Selection


Protocol, Etiquette and Ritual


Questions for Your Dom


Rape - Defending Yourself


The Realities of Online Submission


Reclaiming the Feminine Mystique


Responsibilities of a Submissive


Responsibility to Self


The Role of the Submissive


Rules for the Submissive


Safe Calls


Safe Calls, More on the Subject


Safe First Meetings


Safe Meeting Guide


Safe Surfing - A story for children, yes even those children over 21


Safewords - To Red or Not to Red


Safeword - What is and How to Use One


Slave Chat


Self Esteem


Seven Deadly Submissive Sins


Seven Things You Can do to Improve Your Submission Today


Shaving,  A How to


Silence in Submission


Slave (Submissive) Petitions


Some Thoughts for Those Seeking to Know Their Submission


So What Does That Mean?


So You Want to be a Slave


Spanking for Everyone


Starting Down the Road


Submissive/Slave Register


A Submissive Dealing With a Dominant's Anger


A Submissive's Rights


Submission as a Gift


Submission:  Can it be Done for Life?


Submissive Rebound


The Submissives Twelve Steps of Humility


A Submissives/Slaves Role





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