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We've begun our upgrade to move all of the articles on the A submissives journey web site to our new Library but until this process is completed there are many articles on the site than can only be found thru these temporary Index pages on the site.  As these articles are added to the library, they will disappear from this listing. We apologize for this inconvenience.  To access these articles, simply click on the title listed below.  Please remember, there are hundreds of other articles and pages of content available by clicking on any of our new Library Links.



About Humiliation - Techniques of Humiliation, using them without harming the submissive.


The Acid Test - Finding a Real Dominant vs. a Wannabe- Warning signs to help sort out the game players from the true Dominants.


The Basics of SSC Power Exchange


Bottom Topping or Topping From the Bottom - What is it? Why do sub/slaves do it? How to prevent it.


A  Commitment to Myself - A short poem about being true to ones self


Advice for the Submissive -Helpful hints for the new submissive (a must read for newbies!).


A Dominant's View - A Dominant's overview of the fundamentals of the Dominant submissive lifestyle.


A New Submissives Guide to Subspace - Defining subspace and the different levels of subspace a submissive may encounter.


A New Submissives Guide to her Rights as a Submissive - Even as submissives or slaves, the submissive/slave still has rights they should be aware of.


A Submissives Bill of Rights -The inherent rights of the submissive


A Submissives Creed


A Submissives Creed (Transcript of Chat Log)


A Submissives Prayer


A Submissives Rule


Affirmations of a submissive


Am I Being Abused


Attracting and Keeping a Partner


The Awakening


Balancing Depression and Submission


BDSM Hot Wax Play


BDSM - Is This Legal?


BDSM Relationships: The Responsible Submissive


BDSM - Understanding BDSM


BDSM - Why do People Enjoy BDSM


Breast Cancer Self Exam - (From out chat room message logs)


Call No Man Master - Reconciling Religion With Master Slave Relationships


Characteristics of a Slave


Changing Circumstances


Christmas Gifts for your Dominant


Common Mistakes People Make


Common Sense


Communicating Your Needs


Consensual Slavery




Dealing with Depression - What do you do if you're depressed and in a Dominant submissive or BDSM relationship?


Dealing with Emotions


Dealing with Your Anger as a Submissive


The Distinct Phases of Stripping Away to Total Submission


Doing it the Hard Way - Long Distance Relationships


Domestic Violence in the S&M Communty (D/s, BDSM)


Domestic Violence Support Telephone Numbers


Dominance and Submission


The Dominant Submissive Relationship


5 Steps for Transitioning to a 24/7 Live In Relationship


A Power Exchange Relationship


About Asj Chat Rooms


Dominant vs. Mentor


Do You Have a Dominant Partner


Do  You Have a Dominant Partner (2)


D/s For Dummies


D/s and Emotional Abuse


D/s Relationship Values


A submissives Do's and Don't's


Dumped by Your Dom


The Essence of Submission


Eye to Eye


Feminism and BDSM


Finding a Compatible Partner in the Lifestyle


Finding a Dominant Woman


Finding the Perfect Dominant


Finding the Right Submissive/Slave Collar


Finding Your Dom




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