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A New Submissive's Guide to Subspace



This article will discuss subspace. Yes, newbie sub, there is such a thing as subspace and no; you are not deficient because you have never experienced it. Some newbies are frightened of this state of mind as well, because it truly signals complete handover of control. It is not to be feared and I will show you why. It is a spiritual experience for many and one that becomes easier and easier to reach as your level of experience grows.

Subspace happens especially in two different situations. There is the first scenario where a submissive is being harmed while a dominant is playing with him or her. Instead of crying out a safe word, the submissive starts to disassociate. This means that the submissive steps out of his or her body and shuts out the experience as his or body fights the hurt with hormones and endorphins kicking in. This is not the type of subspace that I was telling you is a lot of fun.

The other scenario is when a scene is going really well. The submissive is enjoying each stroke or each slap and the mind releases. The submissive starts to fly. The body meanwhile releases epinephrine from the suprarenal glands, as well as a dump of endorphins and enkephalins. These chemicals are part of the fight-or-flight response and numb the pain a submissive feels. It feels like a trip apparently. I only report this as some girls and guys have told me that. I have no experience of trips myself.

Now there are different levels to subspace and different dominants call it different things. The first is SAM space. Remember me explaining SAM or smart assed masochist? Well, in this phase some submissives start to goad a dominant or say things that others may laugh at during the scene without realizing that they are doing so. It is very cute and is most often accompanied by giggles and snorts of derision. During this level the submissive should still be able to safe word. It is a good idea to monitor the submissive though to see if this holds true.

The next level is sometimes called "blond space". This level of subspace is probably the first one I experience. I forget commands, look spacey, do not respond to anything I am told; I drop things (therefore the ball that drops for a safe word will not and has never worked with me). I do not speak . I can't. I giggle a lot and sometimes I will cry. If asked if anything is bothering me, I would not be able to say, as I really would not know. Sometimes I even babble in a language only I understand. I could not use a safe word here, even if I tried. I need to know that the dominant will look after me well.

The level where subspace peaks for me comes after. The most satisfying level is when I become a base creature, only experiencing the physical pleasure. I will moan and grunt and be completely out of it. I will have several orgasms, sometimes without touch and I will be hypersensitive to most stimulation. My dominant does not even have to touch me to rock my world, just coming close to me does the same thing. This level can last for quite some time and I have been there for an hour at the most.

After this, the body drops from the high and suddenly I will start to feel cold and incoherent, but starting to talk in little bits and pieces. I normally find that I am extremely thirsty as well. This is when after care starts in all earnest. Now a submissive needs to be wrapped up in a warm blanket, given something to drink, something sweet to eat and a couch on which to fall asleep. All I want to do after a scene is sleep. I could easily sleep for two hours after and wake up feeling refreshed and happy.

Subspace is a warm and fuzzy place if you are safe with your dominant. You will find that once you experience it, the longing to experience it again will be something you will have to control.





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