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Members share their thoughts


Our members of this community are a very important part of this lifestyle.  Each of us, regardless of the length of time we've been in the Dominant, submissive (D/s) lifestyle has formed thoughts, opinions or feelings about this lifestyle and what it means to us.  What better way to help others here in the community, as well as yourself than to write a bit about some of these thoughts?  


If you'd like to share your thoughts with us, or if you've written a poem or a story that deals with this lifestyle, I'd love to have it posted here for you.  Feel free to e-mail it to Me, I'll have it posted within a few days.  As a reminder, while these thoughts may represent the thoughts of the author, or other members of this community, they may or may not represent My thoughts, or yours.   Click on the links below to read those that have been posted already.




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~ shewolf shares her thoughts

~ littledove shares her thoughts

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anonymous - Spanking the First Time




Questions about our site?  Click the ask live icon to chat live or leave a message with our site host.  CJ isn't always available, but generally you can find Him here from about 8:30 - 11:00 pm Eastern time. Your questions about the site, the Asj community or just about the lifestyle in general are always welcome.  If nothing else, take a moment and tell us what you think of this feature!  



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