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 A Word About Respect:

 With a modest and unassuming attitude, offer respect where it is due.


 o  "Respect" does not mean "submission."  Granting others the place they have chosen  for themselves does not make you indebted to them, nor does it indicate your full agreement with their ways.


 o  Don't use respect as a "gift."  Simply offer it.


 o  Don't use respect as a "weapon."  Those who don't deserve your respect will lose it, but it shouldn't be dangled  like a carrot.  The idea that everyone must work to "earn"  your respect is disrespectful in itself.  Everyone deserves respect unless they prove themselves unworthy of it.


 o  Always use the proper form of address in BDSM spaces.  No one but your Master needs to be addressed as  "Master."  However, all Masters and Dominants should be addressed as "Ma'am" or "Sir" regardless of their age, their  experience or how you personally feel about them.  If they  don't wish to be addressed by title, they will tell you so.  (If you have had an unpleasant personal experience with someone, and therefore truly believe they are undeserving of your respect, ask your Master's/Dominant's permission before excluding a title.)


 Unless you are a member of the BDSM Regulatory Board, it is not your place to determine a person's stature or to decide if they meet the requirements for "Master" or  "Dominant" or  "slave" or "top" or "bottom, " etc.  No one has to meet your  requirements unless you are directly involved with them.  In the absence of a structured method of community collaboration regarding titles, it is prudent to assume each person deserves your respect.





Respect ~ A prerequsite for trust






Did you know, the Asj Community hosts ‘Dominant submissive and BDSM Lifestyle Classes and Discussions’ here online every Sunday evening at 9:00 pm Eastern Time.  The Classes and Discussions are open to all and Free to attend.  Visit our Members Only Pages for more information, or click any of our “ask live” icons to ask for more information.






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