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Sanctuary Vidrew

Area Map / Layout

Sanctuary Vidrew is the online home of the Gorean community in the Asj website.  To a large extent, the concept of the grounds of Sanctuary Vidrew are based on what is hoped to be the eventual retirement area for CJ and the Asj Community (more information on this can be found at http://www.asubmissivesjourney.com/journeys_end.html ) For the purposes of online chat (role play), Sanctuary Vidrew is described as follows:

Sanctuary Vidrew is a large, open, level expanse of fertile land located on Gor.  Primarily because of the natural geographic features, the area is rather secluded and hard to find.  While the name refers to the entire area, it also refers to the village located within the boundaries.  Nestled at the foot of the range of mountains to the North and East, which serve as a natural defensive barrier. To the west is a crystal clear gently flowing stream, although not quite large enough to be called a river it is more than adequate to serve the needs of the village for water and is frequently referred to as "the river".  The stream is partially fed by the overflow of the natural hot spring pool, this prevents the stream from freezing in the coldest of temperatures.

Beyond the stream, a large dense forest reaches out to the West. Although unknown to strangers and difficult to find, there is a path leading to a neighboring village on the far side of the forest to the West.  This forest wraps around to the South and joins the base of the mountains on the East. A well worn dirt path runs up thru the forest at the South East corner leading to the Gates to the village on the East side of the Sanctuary.  A foot bridge over the stream, just to the South of the village facilitates hunting and the gathering of wood from within the forest. Further to the South the stream narrows briefly and begins to flow rather swiftly, providing an optimal location for the water wheel of the Village Mill.  Along both sides of the river a variety of berries and herbs can be found growing wild. These provide a more than ample supply to the village to use for seasonings and variety of foods. Fish and Mollusk are plentiful in the river, especially where the river again widens after passing the Mill.  South of the village is a large expanse of open meadow, perfect for grazing.  Along the river at the North West corner of the meadow is a rather large area of wild flowers. Although these flowers can be found growing wild, girls are frequently sent to tend these flowers to ensure an abundance of flowers throughout the growing season.  The South East corner of the Sanctuary provides a natural wealth of loose rocks and stones ranging in size from miniscule to larger than half the height of a man in diameter.  These are perfect for use in building.  The actual location being known to but a few, there is rumored to be a large vein of rich silver ore nearby in the mountains to the North.

As with any Gorean village or settlement, the central focus of the Sanctuary Vidrew is the Home Stone.  The Home Stone is proudly displayed for all to see and rests at the Northern edge of the village proper, just outside of the cave used by CJ as His central dwelling.  The Home Stone overlooks the main fire pit.  The Home Stone is rather unique and distinctive.  Although resembling Granite, it has traces of what appears to be a dark onyx like, blacker than coal, and bright sapphire like crystals appearing throughout the stone..  Regardless of the composition the Stone is heavy, weighing over 10 weight and being approximately 4 Ah-il in diameter.  With the colors of the stone being a near white, jet black and bright opaque blue, those colors have been adopted as the colors of the village and all it represents.

To be continued....

Currently, the Sanctuary Vidrew is available in the Members Only area of the Asj chat site. The Chat room  can be accessed at:

A submissives journey - http://www.asubmissivesjourney.com/community

This is a Gorean style chat room, all participants and visitors should consider this when entering or participating  When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  This holds true here as well.  If you're going to visit our community, regardless of your personal preferences or desires, respect those that are here.  Respect the beliefs that these members observe and adhere to. The rules listed below are applicable to this room only, however, many

Sanctuary Vidrew

This is an idea of the layout of Sanctuary Vidrew.  The map is not yet complete, but as can be seen, the area actually encompasses a rather large area.

A description of the area, and some approximate measurements is forth coming.

This map is NOT to scale


Questions about our site or things about the Gorean, M/s or D/s lifestyle?  Click the ask live icon to chat live or leave a message with our site host.  CJ isn't always available, but generally you can find Him here from about 8:30 - 11:00 pm Eastern time. Your questions or comments about this site, the Asj community or just about the lifestyle in general are always welcome.  If nothing else, take a moment and tell us what you think of this feature!  


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