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  Gorean Life 

The Gorean slave

The first role and responsibilities of a Gorean Slave is that to first be simply pleasing and to serve the Free.

A Gorean slave must strive to please a Master in anyway that the Master desires. Not every Master will find everything pleasing. It is up to the slave herself to try to remember the preferences of the Masters in the Home. It is also to her benefit to learn what the Master that makes frequent visits to the home themselves might find pleasing and to strive to work on making sure that she is pleasing according to what they wish. The more that she can memorize the things that they prefer the better she will find her life. Masters do not like repeating themselves. If a girl doesnít truly have the desire to be pleasing then she should not be a kajira. Before enter into any collar or declaring yourself a Gorean slave make sure you know in your heart that this is truly something that you wish.

There are several ways in which a Gorean slave can improve herself. She doest this though the constant education and practice. You have never learned everything. Each and every time a slave serves she is improving herself. Even when you are new and first starting out the Free are not horribly cruel and are if you are trying and giving it your best effort they will see this, however if you are just being lazy and half trying they will see this also. There is nothing that upset the Free more than a lazy disrespectable lazy slave that puts no effort into being pleasing and serving the Free.

It is almost next to impossible to be pleasing in Gor without the knowledge of the foods, drinks,, geography, positions. One of the best ways to really understand the world of Gor is to read the books. There are many online resources in which you may use but be careful when doing so and use only the resources that can give you actual book quotes. While reading the books and reading the many online resources are a great source of education they are all worthless unless applied. A kajiara must serve. There is no substitute for service.

A Gorean slave will at all times bring honor upon her Masterís name or that of a Home or City collar that she wears. If unowned she knows that her worth is measured by her own actions. It is the actions of a uncolored slave that makes her noticed in a Masters eyes or by the members of a Home. Any kajira wearing a personal collar or a home or city collar knows that her actions will reflect by her Owner and that she only wants to be sure that compliments reach her Masters ears. Comments that are unfavorable is more in likely to bring the wrath of her Master done upon her.

For a lot of those that come to the world of Gor here online they have no way of feeling the joys of the world they seek anywhere but here. While you are online you will be ready to serve unhesitatingly and devote yourself completely to your slavery while you are online. Everyone here understands the need to leave and attend to work or children. A kajira never wants to be seen as a bratty sub or princess that throws a fit whenever she is not the center of attention. There is no middle ground between being a sub or slave.

Commitment to a home collar or personal collar while online means not sulking when you are not getting the attention that you think you deserve. Taking the good with the bad, and learning from the mistakes that you make and striving to do better. Allowing yourself to truly be in the spot that you seek. There are no in betweens, either you are a slave or a Free women. Slaves that act like Free Women are just as upsetting as Free Women that act like slaves. Both lose the respect of the Free, and they bring dishonor to the Home or personal collar that they wear. You have to be one or the other, not both. Without complete devotion a kajira will never truly reap the rewards and have an understanding of the meaning of service.

There are many that like to break the categories of slaves down into different levels which many disagree with. The two basic categories you find in the books is white and red silks. White were for virgins and red silks were not. The color of the silks had to reference to the level of your training. There are many different types of slaves ( which you will learn) which have nothing to do with the silks. Simply you are either a virgin or you are not.

Gorean slaves are the most desired because of their grace, elegance and beauty, their confidence in their ability to serve well and from their hearts and bellies. If you donít feel this desire to serve perhaps you should re think your deserve to be a Gorean slave.

Slave wine is a Gorean contraceptive, given to all slaves to protect them from conceiving. It is intentionally made to be bitter for slaves. The active ingredient in slave wine is sip root. The raw form of sip root may be chewed. The antidote is called breeding or second wine. It s a smooth and sweet drink. And the active ingredients is a derivative of the teslik plant.

By laws of Gor slaves are animals and their owners can do anything he or she wishes with them. Slaves are considered to be goods, property. The name the slave is called is not her own and she must understand that at the whim of Free her name can be changed. She does not own any property. Any and all gifts that a slave gives in reality is the property of her Owner. He may allow her to keep them, but at anytime may take them away from her. There are many laws preventing slaves from doing many things.


   Types of Gorean Slaves

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