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a commitment to myself

Author unknown 


I am the world’s best authority on the subject – ME.

More than any other person, I know what is best for myself.

I can be an individual, who lets things happen to me,

or I can determine to be in charge of my life,

to be an autonomous and free person.

I can dream and also plan,

make choices and decisions,

express my wants and needs,

assert my individual self, my rights, and ideas.

I can create, Play, and

share who I really am as a human being.


TODAY – I commit myself to be and act, as I know I can be:

the real me,

The best me possible.

I know I need to be close to another person – at times

I will seek to fulfill that need,

but love them no more than I love myself,

nor meet their needs at the sacrifice of my own.

In whatever conflict I experience,

I will meet the other person half way,

but will not be a loser that they might be a winner.

I will not put myself down or discount my feelings

or intelligence.

I don’t need my own criticism of myself.


TODAY – I make these commitments to myself,

to be my own best friend.


    Did you know, the Asj Community hosts dominant/submissive and BDSM‘Lifestyle Oriented Classes and Discussions’ here online every Sunday and Wednesday evening at 9:00 pm Eastern Time.  The Classes and Discussions are open to all and Free to attend.  Visit our Members Only Pages for more information, or click any of our “ask live” icons to ask for more information.



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