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 kajira ~ living the lifestyle

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Gorean slave women are called "kajira" or "sa'fora" (daughter of the chain). These are mainly women, who according to Gorean philosophy, are considered submissive by nature and their mission is to please the master. Men are otherwise dominant and have absolute power over a woman.

Brand and collar

As a part of whole philosophy, Gorean slave woman will undergo certain ritual, which means she should be branded and collared. A brand is a sign that is burned to her flesh and by this act she will realize her slavery. One of the most common brand marks is "kef" letter that is usually placed on the outer left thigh. This is not merely a physical act to mark the ownership of the master but the ritual that has deep psychological meaning. The collar is put to kajira to indicate her master.

Sexual service

Gorean slave is always available to servitude the master for sexual purpose, but the concept doesn't imply forced sexual act or sadism. Kajira comes in touch with her femininity by the means of slavery. However, that doesn't mean sexual inhibition, as her natural need for submissive urges her to find gratification from being used.

Kajira etiquette

Gorean slave woman won't call herself in the first person and her name will be written with the lowercase letters. She will always ask for permission and beg forgiveness in case she makes a mistake. There is no room for any arguments from Gorean slave side.

Though Kajira is expected to serve for sexual use, the Master will usually demand other skills, like keeping the household, being able to communicate intelligently, play musical instrument, dance, sing, dress in a manner so that to appeal to master's tastes.

Kajira is supposed to wear specific outfit to give her Master's aesthetic pleasure. One can identify Kajira by such things as piercing of the ear, or the chains worn in certain arrangement, slave bells, slave rag or bina beads(wooden or glass jewelry). All these accessories and dress are not owned by Kajira and can be taken away. Very often she will wear nothing at all so that she is always available to her master. But if master wants to see his slave looking more interesting he can order her to dress in certain way.

Kajira has absolutely no rights: she can be sold, her name can be changed, she can be starved or punished and her servitude is the only meaning of her life. If any inappropriate emotions arise, they should be subdued to perfect the slavery.

Gor Books - The Works of John Norman

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