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"The creation of a Gorean community, existing and interacting both online and offline, built through the dedication and commitment of its citizens, and sworn to a living Home Stone."

 The Sanctuary Vidrew is a community of men and women sharing a belief in and commitment to a particular set of ideas and principles collected and commonly called Gorean Philosophy. It is a place where those of a certain opinion can gather together with others of a like mind, embracing a lifestyle and culture that calls to each of them and enjoying it in an atmosphere founded on what they all hold in common.

 This foundation is based closely upon the Gorean Novels of John Norman, developing out of the ideas presented within them, and seeking to foster and understand the depths of the themes suggested on their pages as can be realistically applied to life in general. In all, a strong sense of unity, purpose and determination prevails, founded in the philosophies inherent to the books, conducted under concepts relevant to Gorean culture, and manifested in a community dedicated to the realization of a Home Stone.

 The existence of The Sanctuary Vidrew is not a matter of online or offline presence. It exists in those who are a part of it, and gathers together wherever or however its people may meet. Though the most regular place for this is online, the community cannot and should not be considered an online entity, because it goes far beyond so limited a term and what that implies. The real intentions of the community are found elsewhere, in the continuation and increase of regular "regional" and "national" gatherings, where citizens and trusted friends have the opportunity to meet together face to face. It is upon this that the true depth of a community is developed, for there is no better way to strengthen bonds of unity, loyalty and understanding than exposure to one another in a tangible way. This is truly the only means though which someone can really begin to embrace and observe the traditions and customs that fall under the title of "Gorean," at least in any social sense. It is also far harder to fool others about the truth of who you are and what you claim to be when standing before them, besides providing a safer atmosphere than initially meeting one on one, particularly where situations involving the concept of slavery are part of the intention.

 The Internet supplies an easily utilized means for day to day interaction, especially between those separated by great distances. Its ease of accessibility is ideal for filling the gaps between offline gatherings, and provides a convenient forum for regular communication. It also enables the creation of an environment within which interested individuals can further explore the relationship of Gorean culture to their lives. While this pales in comparison to what can be had offline, its use again is one with obvious benefits which serve to enhance the community as a means of daily communication, a library of information, an entertaining diversion, and a way to meet new people with similar beliefs.

Normally, this online existence is just an alternative means of communication, with no fictional constructs being used. Conversation simply occurs where it actually is - in an online chat room or on a message board, with the setting being the reality of that text based location. These are the primary forms of interaction between those of The Sanctuary Vidrew and their guests online - conversation about not just Gor and Gorean ideals, but life in general. It is believed that if this truly is a lifestyle, and a community based on one, then it encompasses all aspects and interests that are a part of life, not just some pre-approved listing of accepted material. When friends who respect one another gather to share each others company, they speak of whatever it is that they wish, however serious or lighthearted that may be. It's not so much what they talk about that matters, or for that matter where it is that they meet, but in terms of the lifestyle, it's the particular system of values and beliefs they apply to the topic they are considering, and the conclusions they come to based on these things. In some cases, in particular locations, a fictional setting is assumed to simulate an alternative environment, giving the venue somewhat more atmosphere. Though not always employed by those of The Sanctuary Vidrew, when it is used, it is strictly an external device designed to give a bland chat room a certain flavor for the benefit of those involved. But any use of fictional constructs ends with the imagined setting and its related trappings, and this is often done only as an occasional diversion and change of pace. If you think that the Gorean lifestyle revolves around slavery and the repetitious practice of online beverage service, you will likely find The Sanctuary Vidrew not in keeping with what you seek.


The community itself is not a role playing environment, especially not in the true sense of what that term means. While those of The Sanctuary Vidrew may use pseudonyms and occasionally some related fictional devices, they do not "play roles" as their personal representation within the community. Those of the Sanctuary Vidrew are real people who are part of a real organization, not a collection of fictional personas and characters proceeding to live an ongoing imaginary existence constituting part of a fantasy game. Each individual in The Sanctuary is simply themself, the same person and personality found online in the community as would be offline, with their Sanctuary Vidrew SN/Nick being a reflection of this. This is not to say its people do not enjoy themselves or seek entertainment, it is just that it is not always necessary to pretend to be someone or somewhere else to do so. This enjoyment is also not bought at the cost of being untrue to oneself and the convictions one claims to have, in terms of lying about who you are or trying to pass off a fantasy persona as the real thing. And is further not purchased through pretending to hold certain beliefs and convictions that in reality mean nothing to you, or manifest themselves only through talk. A man cannot take one step towards following a philosophy with honesty at its core, if his first step is a lie. The Sanctuary Vidrew is not the place to live a "hidden life," escape one's reality or pretend to live as you only wish you could. It is a community, not an excuse. Cyberspace is of course not real in the tangible sense of offline life, but how each person in The Sanctuary Vidrew presents and carries himself is in keeping with who and what he really is, a condition without which nothing of true substantiality and longevity can be built.

 The Sanctuary Vidrew as a whole is the attempt to create a Gorean community, existing and interacting both online and offline, built through the dedication and commitment of its citizens, and sworn to a living Home Stone. A place where all involved can interact and feel an active, contributing part in a very real and personal way. A place that is continually developing and improving, where both the community and each of its individuals become consistently stronger in purpose and understanding. A place that goes beyond any online terms, to hold something of the pride and feeling that comes when one considers the word, Home Stone.

* * *

It is said that a city cannot die if its Home Stone does not perish. As long as the Home Stone remains, so too does the city, even if its walls are torn down, its buildings smashed to rubble, and its people scattered to the winds. It is the central point, that place upon which all else physical and spiritual is built, and the focus of the will, hope, pride, and conviction of its people. The Sanctuary Vidrew need not exist as a tangible location to be something real to those who are a part of it. It has a Home Stone, and so long as that is true, so long as it remains in the hearts of those sworn to it, it exists. 

"How does a city obtain a Home Stone?

Men decide that she shall have one."

                          -          RAIDERS OF GOR, Pg. 251


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