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Master vs. Dom

 We've all seen the titles on a screen name, or we've heard a sub  or slave refer to a Dom as "Master", but is their use of the word  appropriate?

 Dom is essentially short for Dominant, the female derivative of
 that title is Domme.  Generally speaking, if you follow the real
 world traditions of this lifestyle, you'll find that Master is a title
 bestowed upon a Male Dominant by His community. 

 Based on their recognized experience and achievements
 within the lifestyle, a community can bestow the title of
 "Master" to an individual Dom as a form of recognition and
 acknowledgement.  Usually only those Dom's that have spent
 many years in the lifestyle are considered for this honor. 
 Generally, the ratio of Masters to Doms in a community is fairly  low.  This title is not given lightly.  Even rarer, and seen far less  frequently is the title of "Grand Master".  This is awarded in a  similar fashion to the title of Master, but only awarded to Masters within the community.

 The title of Master or Grand Master is non-transferable.  When
 awarded the title, by a community, it is only retained in that

 Another use of the word Master is as an intimate title between a  Dom and His submissive or slave.  It is perfectly acceptable for  a Dom to teach or permit His girl to refer to Him as Master.  Just  because His girl does this is no reason that others should also refer to Him as Master.


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