A slave is a truly enraptured and enrapturing creature, capable of the greatest pain and the deepest passion. she is a temperamental creature, simultaneously fickle in her emotions, and fiercely, ferociously devoted in her affections. she is tumultuous and tempestuous, a mercurial maelstrom, and she knows no other way to be. If she could, she would not change, because, on some primeval level, she realizes that the death of her passion would be the death of her.

In truth, a slave is not simply the finest of all creatures; she is the epitome of all creatures. she combines strength and weakness, boldness and a certain shy innocence, languor and desperation; she is both cosmopolitan and naive. her nature is an amalgam of all that is passionate in any sense of the word. she is nothing without an Owner but in His arms, she is all things.

she is voracious and demanding, wanting nothing more, and certainly nothing less, than the absolute enslavement of the One she loves--the Owner of her soul.

she cannot be, will not be, and is incapable of being completely happy, until she knows to the very depths of her being that her Owner is, in truth, owned by the reality of owning her. she longs for the completion of a Partner in her own rapture/misery.

If You beat her, she will smile at you through her tears, because You have reaffirmed for her Your Ownership, Your innate right to mistreat her if you please. If You kiss her, she will bite You, begging You with her passion to own her again, and more completely this time.

she is dangerous and daring. Self-preservation will never be her strong suit. she will beguile You to her last breath, knowing that without You, she cannot breathe at all. her vulnerability will appall You with the knowledge that You could never-- would never-- allow anyone that close to You, and at the same time, arouse in You every protective instinct You possess, to see that no one ever ravages this state of her-- except YOU.

she will define her entire world by Your moods, enchanting herself with them, until she has internalized them so completely that a single look from You can bring her to laughter, or to tears, or to orgasm, or to suicide. she will love You with an abandon that will leave You stunned.

she will worry You, and nag You, she will threaten and cajole. And she will do it because she is incapable of holding back from You, even though she knows that You will pay it all no immediate heed, because Your attention is your whim. she will revel in Your denial of her pleasure. It only confirms her own desire.

Author Unknown