We all have been there at least once unless you are fortunate enough to actually have a 24/7 relationship.  We get all excited about the upcoming visit, for weeks we anticipate the NEXT meeting.  We count off the days, let our imagination run wild. Pack our most adorable outfits, try to make everything as perfect as possible.  Then it hits us, as we are standing in the airport and the visit is coming to an end, the DEPRESSION sets in.  Knowing we are returning to our normal lives far from our Master or Mistress as the case may be.  As the finally words are said, the goodbyes and the hugs, sometimes tears, as we climb on that plane, the visit seems to have gone by way to fast.  The whole time your mind wonders back to the week past, you long to turn back time.


The first day home is a killer, you want what you know you cant have many times because of the situation at home.  Kids, spouses that wont let go, work or what ever.  Then the "I should just forget this lifestyle" kicks in.  Here comes the moody blues and you feel lost and alone even if the house if full.  Nothing seems to get your attention for more than a few moments as you are thinking of yesterday.  Now I am not sure how the Master/Mistress handles farewells, but this seems to be a common syndrome for most submissives.


You ask yourself, "Is it worth all the pain when its time to go?" Well I suppose that depends on the individual. I have come to try and look at it like this, there will be a next time and who knows what can happen tomorrow.  If I let myself get to far into the dumps, I will make a mistake that will affect me in a negative way.  So for the first day home, I spend time working on something I enjoy or simply sleep the blues off.  Usually by the second day I can deal with the separation.  Yet I admit for the next week, I think back and say to myself, " this time last week I was doing this with Master or that.  That's ok, nothing wrong with memories, and there should be memories.  Just don't let the depression make you do something stupid like ask for release, TAKE your time, wait a few days to let the depression leave.  Then things will go back to normal.