Usually status as "high slave" or "low slave" is dependent upon the status of the slave's owner. A general's pleasure slave is a "high slave" while a common soldier's slave is a "low slave." A low slave is often expected to serve any man, while a high slave may find her yieldings reserved for her owner. A high slave may spend her time in luxurious isolation in a harem-like setting while a low slave may have many tedious and menial tasks to fill her day.

"First, I knew that women who are kept as low slaves, and even strictly so, are often among the most loved. Many love masters keep their love slaves, for example, as low slaves. I had little doubt that Mirus would keep Tupita as such. She was even braceleted when she left the camp. I knew, too, that even high slaves are occasionally subjected to such imperious uses, which in their way are delicious, just at they might, to their shame, frustration and pleasure, find themselves, occasionally clad in rags and put to disagreeable tasks. Such things remind them that they are slaves, and must obey their masters. Such enforcements, too, tend to be reassuring, and arousing, to a woman. Even if I were not loved, I now had no doubt that I was keenly desired, and that I need not fear that I might not be put to my master's pleasure and as a slave. The ruthlessness of his use only doubled my desire, that of a slave, to serve and love him.  It was clear he had known what he was doing when he had picked me out on Earth." (Dancer of Gor, pages 459-460).