Polyamory is a term coined by using two root words: Poly, meaning many and Amory, meaning love. Combined the term polyamory means 'many loves'.

In practice, polyamory is the identifier of a relationship in which there are more than two people, in a loving, committed relationship.


Polyamory is a term that has an ambiguous etymology, but is most frequently attributed to a 1990s writer, with Usenet groups using the name as early as 1992. The term 'poly' means 'many' and 'amory' means 'love', so the new word formed "polyamory" means "many loves".

That is the essence of polyamory: Love. In direct contradiction to swinging or swapping, polyamory can exist both with or without sexual relationships, just as a traditional relationship does or does not include sexual relationships. Polyamory focuses on the love aspect of the relationship.

The belief is that there are some people who are able to, and prefer to, fall in love with more than one person at a time. With Polyamory, it's all about the relationship, the love.

Facts about poly relationships:

Not About Sex

Polyamory is about loving and relationships, which may or may not include an active sexuaal relationship.



    Many polyamorous people consider themselves married and committed to two or more people at the same time.


    Not Swinging

    Polyamory, while it might include sex, is not swinging or swapping.


    Not Cheating

    Polyamory is all about 'consent', so there is no cheating in a polyamorous relationship, since everyone knows and approves.