extract from a girls journal...


Sir had to cancel plans recently. I reacted with bitterness and anger.

There is nothing wrong with feeling those emotions. What was wrong was how I expressed them to Sir. I expressed them immediately, attacking him, reacting and not thinking. He let me have my go of it, reduce myself to a sobbing puddle, and calmly explained his side.

I didn't show respect to him in the way I reacted. He did not deserve to be attacked. He deserved to truthfully hear how I felt, yes, but not in the way I told him. This doesn't just apply to D/s relationships; this can apply to any relationship. Anger can be expressed constructively, talked about calmly, and solutions can be discovered. Attacking, yelling, crying...these only express anger, but don't offer solutions.

In not showing my respect for him, for his position as my Dom, I didn't show respect for myself, and for my position as his submissive.