There's a side of D/s that isn't written about a whole lot. Obeying your Master means things other than bending over and taking a spanking or making sure you go to bed on time because that's the rule he set.

Sir had to make a tough call today. I made plans with some friends for this weekend, and didn't ask him beforehand. I said something about it in my journal, more in an offhand manner, and he wasn't comfortable with our plans. After he thought about it a little while, he told me that I needed to cancel.

To be blunt, this sucked ass. It was something that I had started looking forward to, and it was going to be hard telling my friends that I wouldn't be able to go; they aren't aware of the type of relationship that I have with Sir. He explained his reasons, and I should have asked before I made the plans anyhow.

When Sir told me his decision, my pouty-pissy face came out. He asked, "You're mad at me, aren't you?"


"Yes you are, I know that look. This is my job, though. I need to make decisions that are best for both of us, and sometimes those aren't fun or easy."

Being a submissive means accepting the decisions that your Master makes for you, no matter how tough they are to take. I cancelled the plans, and learned that I need to be more aware of asking for things beforehand.

And being a Dom means not always winning the popularity contest, and having to make those tough calls that don't make your submissive happy.