While this page is primarily  intended  for  guiding a  submissive or  a  slave in their "online conduct" or "behavior",  you'll find these things can actually carry over into real life.  

Whether you are a slave or a submissive, you'll always be expected to  show  courtesy  and  respect  to  anyone  that  you  encounter online,  especially  if  you  find  yourself  in  the  company  of,  or  talking  to  a  Dominant.   Remember,   if  you  embarrass  yourself,  you  also  embarrass your Dominant.  The quickest way to find a  novice sub is to  watch for the lack of respect  she shows to a  Dominant in a chat room.   A  submissive  or  slave  may not  like a Dominant she comes across  while she's chatting,  but that is still  no  reason not to be courteous and respectful.   And yes, it goes  without saying, as a submissive or slave  you  are also due appropriate  respect  from  anyone  else  you  come  across,  including Dominants.


First things first, remember anytime you are online you have a couple  of inherent capabilities,  regardless  of  how  submissive   you are,  you  and  you  alone  always have control of your  "off switch,  ignore button,  and delete keys" on your computer.  Don't  ever  forget  this!  Keep in mind the rule that  for every 100 so  called  Dom's you find online, if you're lucky, perhaps  one of them will turn out to be a real Dom or Master.   With that, understand  there are idiots and wannabe's out there.  A submissive  or slave is under no obligation or commitment to honor the  instructions, discipline  or domination of anyone except her Dominant.


As you wander around the internet, you'll find there are many chat  rooms or communities that will insist that a submissive or  especially a  slave, seek permission to enter the room before she comes in.  Often  these rooms will expect the submissive/ slave to state their "asl" (age,  sex and location) followed by a request to enter the room.  While  personally, I disagree with this practice of having to ask for  permission to enter a room, it is a  policy of those rooms  and should be respected.   Other rooms such as Asj's chat room will welcome you  with open arms as you come in the room.  Unless you've  been to a  room before,  or someone has recommended you to the  room and  told you of the policy there, it's almost impossible to know in  advance and you'll have to play it by ear.


Once inside a chat room,  the keywords to remember are "respect"  and "courtesy".  If you show respect and courtesy,  you'll soon find that  you get respect and courtesy.  Don't forget  to greet all members in the  room, not just the Dominants!  It's very appropriate to say hello to the  individuals there that you already know, but it is equally appropriate to  say hello to those  that you don't know.  If it's observed that you only greet the Dominants in a room, you may soon find yourself developing   the reputation as a bit of a troll.