The Master's Plan?

she can't ignore when you walk in
Sensations consume her
You burn her alive
with your touch

Be the source of her devastation
Conquer her
escape into her
Let her feel the flame of your power

Uncontrolled fires rage within and without
Waiting for the rain to quench all
Wishing for distant lands of calm and clear
It all started here
This freefall into insanity
Is this the Master's plan?

she'll do whatever it takes
The flames in your eyes scorch her.
Burn her more, Master.
Your gaze liberates her.

With one touch you can heal her.
Save her from her longing and solitude.
her breath is heavy with need.
Your strength consumes her

You touch her
Your impulses flow within her soul.
Your lips caress hers
in a mesmerizing touch of seduction.
she'll relish what's given to her .
Is this the Master's plan?

she can no longer hide her hunger
the nectar of her desires
Coats her loins
in your presence.

Who is He, this dark silhouette of a man?
He is as a God to the stars, a God to me.
They illuminate behind Him
yet He outshines them all.

His very presence stirs her innermost woman,
Making her aware
of every minute nerve ending in her body.
The second she caught His glimpse,
the moisture began.
is This the Master's plan?

she barely even knows His name,
though she aches to carry it.
she would be His slave...
He could be her Master, her Everything.

her lips pulsate with a swell that knows...
His is the perfect cock.
He owns the wet muskiness
between her thighs.

oh God, how she wants Him thrusting inside her.
Harder... deeper than any before.
taking her, using her.
Drawing from her
final surrender
is this...the Master's plan?