WARNING:  This article tends to use rather explicit language.  If you are easily  offended by this type of language, please skip this article. It is not intended to offend, rather is is used to illustrate or simplify its points..

 General Introduction

People have been using their mouths to stimulate each other  sexually for about  as long as there have been people. How about  kissing each other? Men have  been kissing women on their  necks, ears, breasts, backs, thighs, and any where  else they can  think of that'll arouse them sexually ever since they found out it  works. It didn't take long for some enterprising man to find out  that kissing a  woman's vulva worked, did it ever. The Latin word  cunnilingus was coined to  describe licking the vulva.


 Men were not alone in searching for ways to arouse the opposite sex. Some equally enterprising woman found out that men liked for her to suck their penis,  it worked just as well. The Latin word fellatio was coined to describe sucking  the penis.


 Let's define and use the more common words to describe men and women's  genitalia and the various sexual acts. Penis, cock; vulva, pussy; vagina, cunt; Coitus, fuck; cunnilingus, eating pussy; fellatio, sucking cock, blowjob; performing cunnilingus or fellatio, giving head; ejaculate, cum or shoot his load; orgasm, cum or climax; pubic hair, women muff or bush, men bush.  


 Many men  and women, today probably most, use some form of oral massage or kissing of the sex organs as a normal part of foreplay to warm up their partners prior to fucking.  They probably don't think of that as "giving head," and I would agree that it's not. It's simply a part of the foreplay used to prepare  each other for fucking and hopefully achieving a sexual climax.  Giving head, on  the other hand, is used by one to bring the other to climax by use of, primarily,  the mouth and tongue. For those couples who develop the required skills and  self restraint, both can cum together using the 69 position. For me, although the  sensations of a man's cock thrusting in my cunt are great and I do love a good  fuck, cuming together during 69 is more emotionally satisfying than cuming  together by fucking.


 You have to develop an understanding of the intimate feelings and emotions that  occur while you're performing oral sex and during a climax, and how to respond  to those feelings. Giving head is much more intimate than fucking and, if  approached with the right attitude, can be more emotionally satisfying. Both the  man and woman need to become familiar with what the other's emotional needs  are, not just what it takes to make each other cum.


 Only in the movies does a man grab a woman and say, take your clothes off, I want to fuck, or vise-versa. You have to pick a time and place other than the kitchen where the baby has just thrown a bowl of food all over your wife, although it might be a welcome distraction right about then. Giving head requires  at least as much emotional preparation as fucking. For the subject to even come  up, one partner has to have built up the desire. That partner then has to build up  the desire in the other partner.


Getting the other to let you bring them to orgasm is generally the easiest. If you  just want to eat her pussy or she just wants to suck your cock, then all that's  required is a willingness to submit, and this is important, with the expectation of  achieving orgasm. Getting the other to bring you to orgasm requires the art of  gentle persuasion. If you just want her to suck your cock or she just wants' you  to eat her pussy, a slightly different situation exists. A woman can probably  convince a man to eat her pussy without much effort. All that's generally  required is for him to be in a reasonably good mood. If he just wants her to suck  his cock, and she wasn't already thinking about sex, then he's going to have to  get her in the proper mood first.


You'll find out that no matter who starts, the other will probably end up getting head also, either that or you'll end up fucking. Given this inevitable result, it's nice if both of you can build each other up first. Once you're both ready, he should give her head first, or you should use 69. A man comes down from his climax too quickly, and takes too long to build back up sufficiently to move right  into doing a good job of eating pussy, unless he had that on his mind from the  beginning.  It's fairly easy for a man to learn to do a good job of eating a woman's pussy. If he's sensitive, gentle and pays attention to what's in this book, she'll love it.


About the only problem the uninitiated man has is over the perceived bad smell and taste of a woman's secretions. Many men, and women, think that the tastes  and odors associated with a woman's pussy are offensive. This isn't so, the  natural fragrance and taste of the fresh secretions from a clean healthy woman  are usually beautiful and erotic to a man. This question needs to be settled at the  very beginning. A couple should take turns tasting and smelling her pussy's  natural fluids when she's fresh and clean. Once a man tries it, the taste and smell  of a woman's sex will excite him and he'll look forward to it. When a man fingers  a woman and then smells, licks, sucks the juice off his finger and sighs as if in  heaven, she'll forget this problem and he can dive right in.


 It's more difficult for a woman to become a good cock-sucker, but the rewards  can be worth the effort. There are three basic problems that confront a woman,  the first two are, how much of his cock should she take into her mouth, and  what does she do with his cum. The answers to the first two are, all of it, and swallow it. The third problem is, how does she get all of that cock in her mouth.  The answer to the third is in the following lessons.


 As you'll see later, the shaft of a man's cock isn't overly sensitive to touch on any  particular spot, but it does respond to pressure, and there are a lot of nerve  endings when you include all of it. Don't forget that much of the pleasure we derive from sex is in the mind, it's psychological, emotional. When a man feels a  woman's warm soft mouth and tongue giving his cock a workout, feels her trying to suck his balls out through it, sees her look up at him as her lips slide down over it until her face is buried in his bush, the overall feeling is hard to describe.  When you take all of this into account, she should take all of his cock into her  mouth and throat at appropriate times while she's giving head.


It's not a big deal with most men if a women doesn't want to swallow his cum, he  just doesn't want her to take his cock out of her mouth until he's finished cuming. When he's fucking you, you feel that you're drawing him into yourself when you cum, part of his sexual makeup is a mirror image of yours, he feels that he's being drawn into you when he cums. He needs for you to keep his cock in your mouth, continuing to increase the intensity of your fellatio, until he cums and his climax lets down. It's a real letdown for him if you take his cock out of your warm soft mouth just as he's reaching the climax that you've both worked so hard for and jack him off into a wet towel.


 I said that the rewards can be worth the effort. Lying there with a man's  throbbing cock buried deep in your throat and your face buried in his bush can feel almost as good as having it in your cunt, and a lot more intimate. Feeling a man cum in her mouth while she carries him through the end of his orgasm and then swallowing it after he's finished becomes a sensual thing for a woman, part of her natural desire to participate in his orgasm to the fullest extent, drawing his love juices into her as he climaxes. You'll find out that taking his cum into your mouth and swallowing it can be an intensely intimate act for both, it can be a significant symbolic gesture of love.


 Good sex isn't just the pleasure of reaching a climax, it's when you share each other's climax, it's when a woman's efforts to bring her man to climax excite her to the point where she could almost cum, sometimes his climax drives her over the top. It's the same for the man. When a man is passionately eating out a woman's pussy, he's got a hard-on that won't quit. He wants to bury his face in her muff and thrust his tongue into her cunt, join with her body. It's not unusual for a man to get so worked up emotionally while he's eating a woman's pussy that he cums while he's doing it, and none of his sex organs are involved except his mind.


 Sex should not be all oral. When the opportunity presents itself, like when you're  passionately eating her out, she's starting on her second orgasm and is really hot, you've got a hard-on that just won't quit and she's lying at the edge of the bed with you between her legs. You look down and see that if you just got up on your knees your cock would find itself in her cunt, go ahead and shove it in there and give each other a good fuck. Some women say that they feel lonesome when they're receiving head, they want to be held and kissed. This is why moving from eating her pussy smoothly into fucking her can be very satisfying, it's also a good reason for 69.


 This book is in two parts, the first, how to eat pussy, the second, how to suck cock. A final section gives an example of how to blend the best of both sexual worlds, oral and coitus. I hope you learn your lessons well and have many years of pleasure putting what you learn into practice.