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This site is intended for mature adults who are serious about their explorations within the boundaries of the D/s (Dominant submissive) lifestyle and power exchange relationships, including BDSM.  If you are under 18 years of age, unfortunately this site is NOT intended for you.  By continuing on and entering this site, you are agreeing you are of the legal age of consent.

Regardless of your role within the Dominant submissive lifestyle, whether as a Master or Dominant, a submissive or slave, the journey to reach your destination may not always be an easy one.  It will require your strength, your courage and your determination.  No one can make this journey for you, but we can help to guide you and show you the way.

If you are ready to begin your exploration of the Dominant submissive or BDSM lifestyle, take the next step in finding your destination by exploring a few of the many pages of content found here on the A submissives journey web site.  If you've already followed these paths and learned of the Dominant submissve lifestyle,  I invite you to visit with us again, perhaps you can share your experiences with others just beginning their journey.

Although this site is titled 'A submissives journey', all roles and aspects of the Dominant submissive or BDSM lifestyle including Master slave, Dominant submissive, and Top bottom power exchange relationships are embraced. Whether you are a novice to the lifestyle, or have been a part of the Dominant submissive community for many years, you'll find yourself equally welcomed.

Here on the Asj web site and within the Asj Community, you'll find a vast array of resources, including hundreds of pages of articles and topics, discussion forums, chat rooms, blogs, hosted classes and discussions, all here to assist you in your journey to or exploration of the Dominant submissive lifestyle and power exchange relationships.

A Fresh New Look...


It seems about every two years the Asj web site undergoes a major reorganization and updating.. Once again, it's that time and work on the site has already begun! 

Please pardon our mess  as we migrate to our newest format. Construction worker image  While this migration is still in progress, many of our pages have not yet been added to our new ‘Library’.  These pages can be found by clicking on this link to our old Index page we expect this migration to be completed by late Spring 2015. Check back often and watch our progress.

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The Asj Library

dominant submissive couple

One of the more popular features on the Asj web site is our 'Library'.  The library also doubles as our site index and is fully searchable by category/topic, title, author, date or keyword(s).   Also available in the library are a number downloadable PDF word, image and audio files. New or updated content covering a diverse range of topics is added to the library on almost a daily basis. Content here on A submissives journey covers a wide spectrum of lifestyle topics and information. Whether you are new to the lifestyle or have years of experience, you'll find content especially tailored to you, your interests and your role within the lifestyle.

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