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sub/slaves Registry


 Finding your Dominant or Master is not always an easy task.  It's not  something that's going to happen overnight, so I hope you're not  expecting it.  If you're new to this lifestyle, the first thing you need to remember is you are at your most vulnerable point!  Without realizing  it, you'll find yourself effectively reaching out to nearly anyone that  shows promise of helping you to find  your place within  our lifestyle.   Be careful of this tendency.  You won't even notice  it,  but it will be  there.


There are many ways to go about finding your place within this lifestyle, and with it, ultimately the Dominant that will claim you as His.  As you explore this website, you'll find many topics on this subject.  I'm assuming that since your here, you've tried most, if not all of these and have still been unsuccessful.  Are there any alternatives still open to you?  Yes, there are, so don't give up hope just yet.  


I've found that many girls, whether they are seeking a mentor to help  them, an enclave to be around others in the lifestyle, or a Dominant to  claim them, have turned to a slave register or registry  of one form or another to help  them in their search.  If you will, compare it to something similar to a  dating service.  A girl will be listed in the slave register where Dominants can review basic information about the girl.  If the information from the  girl and the Dominant appear to be compatible, an introduction can  be arranged.  


 First, it needs to be said, there is no requirement for either the girl or  the Dominant to accept someone thru this program unless they are  both agreeable to this.  Until you have give your submission to your  Dominant, there is no requirement for you to belong to anyone, that  is  still your decision to make.  Yes, on occasion we have had girls come  to us and ask us to help them with their decision and we are prepared to do that if the circumstances warrant.  


A submissives journey's  slave registry provides a submissive or slave a  way  of effectively listing themselves as available for consideration.   Through our screening process, we will attempt to eliminate or weed  out those that are not serious about the lifestyle, or those that are still  uncertain of their readiness or willingness to take the step to finally  achieve the fulfillment of a real time, 24 hour, 7 day per week relationship. 


Working with you and the information you provide, we will develop a  profile for you that will be shared with other Dominants and Masters  that have been equally screened to try to achieve a match.  No, you  will  not be obligated to meet with any of the Dominants or Masters  that we  introduce  you  to,  nor  will  they  be  obligated  to accept you  as theirs  until  and  unless  both  of  you  are  comfortable  with  the  proposed  relationship.   As always,  we will encourage you to go  slowly,  insuring  that  you  are  making  the  best  possible  decision  for  yourself,  your  needs and your wants.


A submissives journey, nor anyone else can provide you with any type of absolute guarantee as to what might await you in this lifestyle, but  we can greatly enhance your chances of finding the match you are  destined for.  While we can not guarantee any meeting, the results of  a meeting, or a successful match, we can with confidence state that  the odds of meeting someone in a safe environment, the increased  potential of a compatible match, with similar interests and desires,  will be greatly enhanced. 


The profile developed for you, or any information about you will not be shared publicly, rather it will be shared with a select few Dominants or Masters that we have deemed to be likely to be a match for you.  At  no time will your name, email address or other similar identifying  information be provided to anyone without your prior consent.  Prior  to any type of meeting or introduction, online or real time, you will be  provided with detailed information about the Dominant or Master and  given the opportunity to accept or reject a potential introduction.  


 All Dominants and Masters considered for participation in this

 program will be thoroughly screened.  Their identities (actual, real life) will be verified, along with other details about them including their employment (or lack of it) and other personal details so crucial to optimizing the potential for a successful meeting and lasting relationship while greatly reducing the chances of an encounter with someone having intentions other than those expected.  (you might want to visit the Dom's Registry for an idea of what is involved in their applying)


If you feel you are ready to seek the security, the trust, the satisfaction and the confidence of finally finding your Dominant or Master, then perhaps it is time for you to take this step and register yourself as being available for consideration.  Again, we make no guarantees that  you will be accepted into our registry after applying, nor do we guarantee all Dominants or Masters will be accepted.


All information provided to Asj will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared  with anyone  without your  prior consent.   You are not obligated to accept any Dominant unless you and the Dominant are in full agreement.  No introductions will be coordinated without prior approval of  both the  Dominant  and the slave / submissive.

Should you have any additional questions or comments about our

procedures or the intent of this registry program, feel free to contact Us to discuss this further. 


We are unable to accept any girl into  this program that currently has an outstanding felony warrant or that is  addicted to and/or using narcotic non-prescription drugs.  If this  program interests you and you meet the criteria indicated, We'll look  forward to receiving your application.



Apply to slave Registry



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Finding your Dominant



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