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Essence Of Submission

To understand the power of submission, one must first understand where it comes from and how it is expressed. True submission comes from deep within a person and is an essential part of their nature. It is something expressed from the soul and as such, goes much deeper than the offering of oneself to a Master for mere sexual/physical pleasure.

A person can behave in a submissive manner but it does not mean they are a "submissive".

To offer oneself completely to another, to surrender all power and choice requires an exceptional inner strength. Embracing and expressing ones submissive nature can bring to one powerful opportunities to find the deepest levels of trust, power and the intimacy that can only arise from the bond between a Master and submissive. It is the ultimate expression of balance, the archetypal opposition of Yin (the relative principle) and Yang (the active principle). Both sides being perfectly equal yet together forming the perfect whole.

As a submissive, one should come before ones Master a empty chalice to be filled..or a empty canvas to be painted..formless clay to be molded. Thru this exchange, one will become more than what one was. The Master takes the raw material, the blank canvas, the unpolished gemstone and brings out the inner luster. Many may think the Master imposes His will upon His submissive but that is not true. The Master brings out the qualities of the submissive in a more pronounced way. Rather than being told to act submissive, it is the submissives role to remove veil after veil until who she becomes is the perfect reflection of her service and duty to her Master. She finds an inner joy and balance in knowing that with each veil removed, each boundary crossed, she is more of what she is already. When i feel, see and hear my Masters pride in me, i am elevated above all other women. i have truly given the gift of my soul to Him and He in return becomes as bound to me as i am to Him. That is the beauty of submission. There is a dynamic that exists where the more my Master asks of me, the more i am able to give and the deeper our bond grows. The perfect Yin/Yang where the Master is the active principle in taking and the submissive is the relative principle in the giving.

My submission is expressed in many ways, on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level. Without all of these levels it becomes only a physical act. There is a sacredness to submission for me. Like prayer or other acts of devotion, it is living my life with an intention and focus that always strives for the highest, purest expression. Putting the relationship first, always searching within for ways to offer myself and give more than i think i can. It is this going beyond and pushing limits that can become the most important reward...the place of empowerment, self reward, and the resulting inner strength/transformation. It is also dancing with the inner shadow self...the parts of me that are about fear and taking a journey with someone (my Master) who will be there to catch me so i never really fall.

The most special part of submission to me is the level of intimacy and soul connection to another. Each veil that is removed, each boundary crossed, each lash accepted and begged for, each time of being taken to the outer most regions of letting go of control,...all this is the glue that binds Master and submissive together. To become completely naked and vulnerable on every level, and then give more than i think i can, to see the pride, love and devotion in my Masters eyes..that is the greatest gift imaginable.

Author Unknown


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