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Domestic violence is not the same as consensual SM. Yet, abusive relationships do exist within the leather/SM community, as with all groups. Unfortunately, due to our sexual orientation, abused persons who are SM may suffer additional isolation and may hesitate to turn to available resources for fear of rejection or of giving credence to stereotypes. No group is free of domestic battering; but fear, denial, and lack of knowledge have a slowed public response to this serious social problem.

Domestic violence is not restricted to one particular group within the SM community. A person's size, gender, or particular sex role (top-bottom, butch-femme) is irrelevant; anyone can be subject to abuse.

Abuse tends to be cyclical in nature and escalates over time.  It is a pattern of international intimidation for the purpose of dominating, coercing, or isolating another without her or his consent. Because of the intimidation factor, where there is abuse in any part of the relationship, there can be no consent.

Defining the Problem

The following questions can help a person to define the problem, which can have characteristics that are physical, sexual, economic, and psychological.

  • Does your partner ever hit, choke, or otherwise physically hurt you outside of a scene?
  • Has she or he ever restrained you against your will; locked you in a room; or used a weapon of any kind?
  • Are you afraid of your partner?
  • Are you confused about when a scene begins and ends? Rape and forced sexual acts are not part of consensual SM. Battering is not something that can be agreed upon; there is an absence of safe words or understandings.
  • Has she or he violated your limits?
  • Do you feel trapped in a specific role as either top or bottom?
  • Does your partner constantly criticize your performance, withhold sex as a means of control, or ridicule you for the limits you set?
  • Do you feel obligated to have sex?
  • Does your partner use sex to make up after a violent incident?
  • Does your partner isolate you from friends, family, or groups?
  • Has your partner ever destroyed objects or threatened pets?
  • Has your partner abused or threatened your children?
  • Does your partner limit access to work or to material resources?
  • Has he or she ever stolen from you or run up your debts?
  • Are you or your partner emotionally dependent on one another?
  • Does your relationship swing back and forth between a lot of emotional distance and being very close?
  • Is your partner constantly criticizing you, humiliating you, and generally undermining your self-esteem?
  • Does your partner use scenes to express/cover up anger and frustration?
  • Do you feel that you can't discuss with your partner what is bothering you?

No one has the right to abuse you. You are not responsible for the violence. You are not alone; connect with other survivors.

There are reasons for staying in abusive relationships: fear of (or feeling for) the abuser, and lack of economic or emotional resources. If you stay, help is still available. Find out about shelters, support groups, counselors, anti-violence programs, and crisis lines in your area; ask a friend to help you make these calls. Plan a strategy if you have to leave quickly. Line up fiends and family in case of an emergency.

Battering is a crime. Find out about your legal rights and options. You can get the court to order the person to stop hurting you through an Order of Protection or Harassment Restraining Order. You do not need a lawyer.

We Can Reduce Domestic Violence

Domestic violence does exist in the SM-Leather-Fetish community. We can make it clear that we will listen to those who have the courage to speak out. Understand that leaving is difficult. Let the person make his or her own choices. Keep all information confidential. Encourage survivors to take legal action and seek support. Help find safe housing and legal advocacy. Hold batterers accountable and urge them to seek treatment. Deny that drug and alcohol use can excuse battering. Support changes in that person's behavior.

Leather groups in our community are crucial to reducing domestic violence Invite knowledgeable speakers; lead discussions; print up a list for member of what resources in your area are SM-supportive. Educate your local legal and social service system about our lifestyle; encourage their appropriate intervention.

Safe Link

Safe Link is a clearinghouse for materials and questions about domestic violence, specifically for person who are into leather, SM, or fetish sexuality. It offers a list of readings and is currently compiling a roster of supportive speakers, shelters, and therapists, and information on understanding and using the law.

Write to:

Safe Link c/o
Domestic Violence Education Project
National Leather Association
3439 NE Sandy Blvd, #155
Portland, Oregon 97232


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