The following article by IceBear of Gorean Chat says it splendidly.

A slave's attitude and how she interacts with those around her is greatly responsible for defining her slavery in the eyes of others. Most notably, the Free who have never met her before.  A slave's attitude may be the direct result of how she has been treated by some other ignorant Free Man and her friends may know that and accept it as "just how she is..." but a Free who doesn't know the girl will  judge her and her commitment to her slavery on how she prortrays herself to him.  Having a bad attitude can be fatal.

A girl's attitude, or state of mind, is a key component to the ability of a submissive girl to become a slave with all of her mind, body and soul.  Calling yourself a Gorean slave does not make you one.  It takes months, even years of hard work and study to become knowledgeable enough and skilled enough to be able to handle most any situation on Gor with the grace and beauty of a trained kajira.

Some new girls, who may have read a few books, or even been to another Gorean site for a few months, get their egos inflated by Free who just don't know any better and elevate the girl to a supposed high level of training and shower her with compliments when she barely knows the basics.  It is not uncommon for a wek (or just new and uneducated in Gor) Free Man to elevate his favorite girl to "red silk girl", or even "First Girl" of his chain for no better reason than his own ego, because he wants other to think he has a well trained slave.  Then, when another slave who may really be at a red silk level of training comes along into the chain, the "First Girl" is suddenly seen as having a "bad attitude" when she realizes she is in over her head and goes on the defensive trying to keep h er status.  Another example is when she visits another site that may have an in depth training program with Free who know how to use it to get the very best from their slaves.  She throws a tantrum when her "red silk that she worked weeks to achieve suddenly means nothing and she finds herself starting over like the newest green newbie.

However, there . there is also another side to this coin.  It's not always new girls who can develp "bad attitudes".  Slaves who have been on Gor for years, and know the books like the back of their hands become jaded with the lack of effort they may see from the newer slaves around them and the new, uneducated Free who let these new girls get away with it.  Now we have a talented and knowledgeable slave becoming bitter and that, in turn, affects her attitude and behavior towards others.

So what kind of an attitude should a slave have?  Well ask yourself this...  What is the purpose of all slaves on Gor?   The quick answer is "To be pleasing to the Free.  Right?  How often though have you ever actually thought about what that means?


A slave on Gor is nothing but a means to an end.  The pleasure, happiness and satisfaction of the Free is the ONLY goal that a slave must have.  Slavery is not about you.  It's about Him.

Ask yourself these questions;

  1. What makes you think you can be a Gorean slave?
  2. What makes you a Gorean slave and not a BDSM sub?
  3. Are you a slave because you need something for yourself?  For selfish reasons? Nothing wrong with being a little selfish sometimes, however you need to look hard and deep at your motivations.  Remember, it's not about you!
  4. Do you want to be a slave because you need to be the center of attention?  Or are you a slave because you want to give to others and help others regardless of the benefit or lack thereof to yourself?
  5. Can you do a good deed for a Free without being thanked or even acknowledged?  Or do you feel slighted or upset when you aren't praised for even the smallest task?
  6. Ask yourself, why are you here?  Why do you stay?

Always strive to do your best at every task given to you.  Don't bitch and complain about doing thing you may not like doing.  The only choics you hare are the ones given to you by the Free, and the Free may not feel inclined to give  you any.  Be creative and take pride in doing good work that will please the Free and even if  you don't often receive praise for it, remember that if He didn't punish you, then  you did a good job.  If you do your best to make him happy, to learn, to grow as a slave and to make him proud of you then if he is a Master of any quality he will do his best for  you as well.  If you can keep that positive attitude up when the going gets touch... you will find that in the long run the rewards will be greater than you could ever imagine.

If your attitude turns sour and you displease the Free once too often, your stay on Gor will be very short indeed.