The least valuable slaves are often female work slaves, purchased for the public kitchens and laundries.


The next level of slaves, not generally thought to be of great value, tends to be male work slaves, usually used in cargo galleys, on the wharves, and in the fields and quarries.


The next level of slaves, and the most common form of slaves on Gor, is the female who can be used as a pleasure slave. It is my conjecture that some ninety percent of Gorean slaves are female, and that some eighty percent of these fit into the category of slaves who must figure into their duties, the serving of the pleasure of men. Indeed, even the miserable females in the fields, or those in the kitchen and laundries, know that upon occasion they will be used, usually chained to slake the lust of their foremen or Masters. The female slave on Gor, knowing herself owned, is usually in little doubt as to what can occur to her in her slavery.


The next leave of slaves that is male silks slaves. These usually bring higher prices, on the whole, than female pleasure slaves. This, it seems to me, is purely a matter of supply and demand. Female pleasure slaves, given slave raids and the sackings of cities are relatively plentiful on Gor. Male silk slaves are not. The explanation for this, I think, is reasonably clear. Gorean males seldom make good silk slaves. The explanation for the much smaller number of males as opposed to female slaves on Gor, speaking now generally of male work slaves is also clear. First the female tends to be the desirable object of the slavers seizures. She brings higher prices than male work slaves. Secondly, in battle, often male defenders have been slaughtered or driven off. Their females thus remain as spoils for the chain of the victors. Too male captives are often killed. Female captives on the other hand, particularly if they are comely, are usually spared for the collars of the conquerors. They learn to yield well to their Masters.


The most valuable general category of slaves, however, much to the chagrin of some male silk slaves, is that of the particularly desirable females. These usually extraordinarily beautiful Gorean girls, once of high castes. Sometimes they are dancers. Commonly they are highly trained. Sometimes they are even passion slaves, girls literally bread for the pleasures of men. The prizes purchased by Ubars, and rich men for their pleasure gardens usually belong to the types of girls included in this general category. Girls of political interest, too, it might be mentioned, are usually included in this category. For example, a captured, enslaved, Ubara would commonly bring a very handsome price. These general remarks of course, if they were to be made more accurate, would require numerous qualifications.. For example, the prices of Earth girls have tended to improve in the past few years on gor. Gorean men tend to enjoy teaching them their slavery. Too, once they have learned the meaning of their collar, they are extraordinarily delicious slave girls. Some authorities believe that Earth girls should be a special category of slaves. Others dispute this. I agree with those who dispute it, regarding Earth girls as only being women like other women. To be sure, there is a special spice and flavor of owning them.


I have not mentioned exotics, incidentally, slaves bred or trained for unusual proposes. I have not mentioned either slaves with professional competencies, such as medicine or law, or fighting slaves, in effect gladiators men purchased for use as bodyguards or combatants in arranged games. The intricacy of the institution of slavery on Gor is prodigious. These general remarks, dealing only with major and obvious categories should be understood as no more than a crude orientation to the subject matter as whole. The utility of generality must not be permitted to blind us to the specificity of reality. There are always market variables, and buyer and salve variables. A girl who seems to most men only a low-grade kettle and mat girl may be to a given man very precious. She may be as valuable to him as a collared Ubara, one who must now strictly, be taught her duties as a slave.


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