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Dominance and Submission (D/s) is an alternative relationship in which a Master or Dom controls the actions, emotions, and will of the slave, or submissive, often referred to as "sub". D/s does not necessarily refer to the sex act itself. D/s is more akin to a seduction. The Master seduces the slave with his power, the slave seduces the Master with their willingness and servitude.

A D/s relationship consists of two or more people who are mutually consenting adults who agree on a direction for their relationship. They agree that one of the partners will take the dominant, controlling role, and the other partner, the submissive, controlled role. Just like in any other relationship, it is a two way street, though to outsiders, it may not seem so. The Master relies on the slave as much as the slave relies on the Master. They are dependent on each other to satisfy their own needs. Each partner has different needs, as defined by their role as Dom or sub, but each is satisfied, though in different ways. Each couple will have their own set of agreements.  However, there are some basic rules that are universal.

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