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Subspace is that place between the conscious and unconscious states. It is the world within the mind and body, of pure sensation and emotion, devoid of intellectual thought and reasoning. The journey to subspace is achieved by the relinquishment of control and will on the part of the submissive. The Dominant will, through a variety of means guide the submissive on the journey. Think of your state of mind when you are having an orgasm. We all tend to lose control to some degree. We lose our reasoning and sense of self. We are in the moment. Similarly, think of your state of mind when you meditate. Loss of ego, absence of thought, connecting on a non-verbal level with the universe. Put these two states of mind together and square them, and you will have a fairly good idea of what subspace is like.

Christians have flagellated themselves throughout history to achieve this state of mind. Victims of torture, have gone into this state to be able to endure their torment. Starvation will create a similar state of mind. Buddhists have meditated to achieve this transcendental state and hypnotists induce it as a matter of course, for both healing purposes and entertainment.

How does the Dominant create this? One way is pain. The submissive will convert the sensation of pain into one of pleasure, crossing that thin line. The Dom will enhance this effect by administering soft, gentle pleasurable sensations before, during and after the administration of the pain. The Dom will warm up the sub and gradually build up the level as the sub gets used to incremental increases in the pain. Another way is pleasure or the denial of pleasure. Multiple orgasms, piled one upon the other will help take a submissive woman to subspace. Similarly, the denial of orgasms will do the same thing if repeated relentlessly. Sensory overload or sensory deprivation. In the case of male subs, denial of orgasms is the preferred way due to the inability of most men to have consecutive multiple orgasms.

Fear will disorient the submissive and aid in the journey. Bondage robs the submissive of the freedom to move and creates vulnerability and fear. Trust becomes an issue between the Dom and the sub. Verbal, aural and visual threats may be made to increase fear in the submissive. Part of the mind is fearful, and part knows the Dom will not harm them. This paradox blows rationality out and allows sensation in.

The submissive also is absolved of all responsibility for what occurs during the scene as the Dom is responsible for his or her emotional, physical and mental well-being. This alone gives the sub the freedom to soar. There are five senses and unlimited ways for a creative Dominant to create the conditions within a scene for the submissive to fly in subspace.


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