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Frequently asked questions about the A submissives journey (Asj) Web site and communities.

The Asj web site is NOT a porn site, however, it is considered to be an adult web site dealing with mature adult content.  Because of this, some commercially available internet filtering software will classify the Asj Web Site as an "Adult Web Site".  Additionally, the Asj Web Site has self identified the site as being a site in which access to the site by those under 18 years old is prohibited.  With this self designation, many public computer systems such as libraries will block access to the site to preclude the possibilities of minor children accidentally, or intentionally accessing the Asj site.

Your personal information, including such things as your real name, address, phone number and many other things is exactly that... personal!  There is no need or requirement for you to share that information.  Politiely, but firmly let the person know that you are not comfortable with sharing that information and do NOT give it to them.  If the individual still persists, please let an administrator or moderator know and we'll assist you in dealing with the issue.  You may be a submissive or slave, but you are not their submissive or slave!.

The Asj Web site and Online Community has three levels of access Public, Silver (Basic) and Gold (Premium).  Each level of membership has access to additional features which may result in you seeing more, or fewer menu options or selections than another user.  If you are not seeing these additional menu choices, or features, check to ensure that you are logged in.  If you are logged in and are still unable to access these features, check your profile and verify your membership level or status.  If this does not resolve the issue, contact our Member support by clicking on any of the Member/Visitor support icons located on most pages of the Asj web site.  Additional issues can always be addressed by contacting us at

No, not at all!  The Asj website is a resource that is open and available to anyone (18 years of age or older) to use.  Within the Asj web site, there are additional premium features available only to "logged in" members in, such as our chat rooms, blogs and forums.  Additionally, premium members will find there are additional articles and postings that can only be viewed by logged in members.

For the public areas of the Asj web site membership is not required, however if you haven't subscribed, may we suggest you try our "Free Trial Membership" option.  It is completely free and no credit card or commitment is required.

Becoming a member is a very easy process.  Simply "click" on the "Become a Member/Subscribe/Join" tab on the menu button at the top of this page (or many other pages here on the Asj web site).  From there, select the membership option that best suits you (scroll down on that page to see all the membership options available).

Once you've selected an option, you will be prompted to enter a "user name", "password", a valid "Email address" and your "date of birth".   Then click on the "Register" button.  This will take you to a page that summarizes the transaction, simply check your method of payment and click "Check Out".

Currently we us PayPal as a primary source of payment.  We have found this to be a very safe and secure method of making online payments.  With PayPal, you can make payments by credit card, debit care, prepaid credit cards, bank debit, or check.  A submissives journey does not see, nor does it receive any information about your account, such as your credit card number, etc.   Yes, if you are paying with a debit card, or check, PayPal will require you to establish a PayPal account, but this is also a very simple procedure and does not require you to maintain a balance or pay any fees.

Should you not be able to use PayPal for whatever reason, contact our support staff and we'll work with you to enable you to make your payment through a variety of alternative sources (, US Mail, Bank Deposit, or Green Dot).

The Asj Community provides a feature on the site that essentially uses Google Translate to translate the site content into any of approximately 103 different languages.  The default language on the site is English.  To activate or use this feature, simply click on "Select Language" and scroll to your preferred language.

While this feature will not translate 100% of the site content, you will find it translates the majority of all content.  As with any automated translation, you may find there will be an occasional error in context or how the translator translates the content.  If you encounter any problems with this feature, or your native language is not listed, please let us know and we'll try to resolve the issue.

To access the Asj Chat rooms you must be logged in as a member.  Once you have logged in, you should see a "Members Only Menu" in the right hand column of most of the Members Only Community pages.  From this menu, simply click on "Asj Chat Rooms".  A new browser window will open, select the Chat room of your choice by clicking on "Enter".

Voice and Video capability within the chat rooms is available to our Premium Members Only (including Free Trial Members).  You do not have to have a video cam or microphone to participate in the chat rooms, and use of the video cam or microphone function is an optional feature.  (Yes, to transmit video, you must have a camera enabled on your computer, you do not need to have a camera to be able to view other member video cameras)  Video chat may also be done in private rooms or messages where others are not allowed to view your camera.


The Asj Web Site and Communities, both online and off are open to anyone with an interest in the D/s or BDSM lifestyle, regardless of role or gender or level of experience.   The Asj community also recognizes and accepts a wide range of Power Exchange relationships, including D/s, M/s, BDSM, Gor, TiH and many others.

Asj firmly believes that if  you never ask, you'll never know the answer.  With this in mind, there are a variety of options available to you.   On most pages of the Asj web site (including this one) look for our "Member/Visitor" support logo/icon.  Clicking that icon will connect you with our support staff, or if they are not online, allow you to leave a message.  Next, feel free to send us an e-mail ( ).  Of course if you are a member, there are also a variety of options available to you such as asking on one of our forums, or asking the question in chat to see if anyone knows the answer. If you're leaving a message, please be sure to leave us either a "username", or e-mail address so that we can contact you back.

Yes! The Asj web site and communities does have a privacy policy (which can be viewed at   Minimal information is maintained on file for our registered members (such as profile information), however, this information is never shared or revealed to anyone as indicated in our privacy policy.  In short, yes, Asj respects your privacy!  We don't reveal information and we urge you to be cautious in what information you give to others online.

No, if you're able to read this answer on your computer, then you probably have everything you need.  Without trying to sound like a computer techie, most home computers that have an internet connection are more than adequate. 

If you are using Mozilla Firefox as a web browser, your browser may tell you that an addional plugin is needed.  You will only need this plugin (FlashPlayer) if you plan on listening to the various audio/radio stations available on the site.  This plug in is free and easy to install.  It can be downloaded at  If you want to listen to any of the audio features on the site (music, voice chats, etc.) you'll probably want to have speakers. 

If you are planning on using the video chats and transmitting your video, you will need a web/video camera and/or microphone.

One thing you will need is a valid e-mail address.  As part of the registration process you will be sent an e-mail to confirm that you have registered on the site.

This page is intended to provide information for individuals who have become aware of photos of themselves posted to the Asj website by another individual without their consent. These instructions  will enable you to provide verification of your identity and allow us to have these photo(s) or image(s) removed.

What do I need to verify and why?

You need to verify that you are the person who holds ownership to the photo(s) in question. This is necessary so that we can determine which party genuinely holds such ownership and which party is falsely claiming it.
How can I establish or verify my identity?
1) You can use submit a picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper with the words "STOLEN PHOTO" written on it to  We must be able to clearly see your face for the purpose of comparison. This is the simplest and easiest way to verify your identity.
2) Alternatively, you can submit by email an image of your government issued photo-identification card. This can be your drivers license, passport, or other government-issued identification card which has your picture on it. You may black-out sensitive information, such as your identification number, if desired.
3) A fully complies with the DMCA notification and take down provisions. If you would like to notify us of infringing content by utilizing these provisions, please click here for instructions.
  Can I use other means to verify my identity?
No. Sending us other information, such as links to websites containing your photos, are not sufficient.
  How do I report photos on behalf of someone else?
You cannot report photos on behalf of another person. Please direct the person you are concerned about to this page.
  How long will it take until my report has been processed?
Under normal circumstances, your report will be processed within three business days or less. If your report is verified, the photos in question will be removed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about the Dominant submissive lifestyle and Power Exchange Relationships.

D/s (Dominance/submission) usually involves more than sceneplay: it's often more of an agreement between people that can extend to any and all areas of their lives. BDSM (Bondage-Discipline-Sado-Masochism) usually refers to specific physical activities within a relationship. There is a lot of crossover in the two areas, and most people are involved in a combination of both, by varying degrees.

Collaring is when a Dom/me (or Master/Mistress) and a sub (or slave) make a formal commitment to each other. Many people hold public or private collaring ceremonies to commemorate their agreement, and usually a literal collar is placed around the sub's neck as a symbol of the event. A collaring might be thought of as the D/s version of a wedding, and most people consider collared relationships as seriously (or more so) than marriage. Many collared couples are also married to each other. Again, individual situations can vary regarding the significance: collaring may or may not involve commitments of fidelity, for instance. A collar can range from being a symbol to something worn during specific times to something worn 24 hours a day. Wearing of a collar doesn't necessarily mean that a formal collaring has taken place; it's often an accessory for BDSM activity even between casual play partners.

While BDSM activities of one form or another are usually found within a Dominant submissive relationship, there is no requirement for BDSM (excluding of course the Dominant submissive component) to be a part of a D/s relationship.  Remember, each D/s relationship is unique.  Your relationship is, and should be what you make it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about BDSM and BDSM activities

So why are people drawn to bondage? Some might oversimplify and suggest those into bondage want to submit and give up control. For many, however, bondage is just a bridge to take them someplace else they want to go. It might be an occasional dash of spice in an otherwise vanilla sex life or a person's erotic world might revolve around it. In general, bondage is liberating in some way. It allows things to happen that couldn't otherwise happen. It's best viewed as a tool used to enhance sexual or other forms of pleasure.

Whatever kind you like! There are countless sex toys and BDSM accessories available in specialty stores, adult bookstores, and on the web. Many people put their creativity to use and make their own BDSM toys. Your choices are only limited by your bank account, your tastes, and your imagination. You can have a fully supplied dungeon or you can use ordinary household items. Your imagination is the ultimate toy - use it frequently!


Explore pet supply stores, hardware stores, and other low-cost alternatives to specialty stores if you're just beginning. You may also want to considering visiting the Asj store, located at   The only real concern you should have is safety - don't ever use anything that could cause serious injury without knowing how to use it properly. There's a fine line between what is a toy in one person's hand and a weapon in another's.

Wikipedia defines BDSM as an erotic preference and a form of sexual expression involving the consensual use of restraint, intense sensory stimulation, and fantasy power role play. The compound initialism BDSM is derived from the terms bondage and discipline (B&D or B/D), dominance and submission (D&S or D/s), and sadism and masochism (S&M or S/M). BDSM includes a wide spectrum of activities, forms of interpersonal relationships, and distinct subcultures.

Here on the Asj web site, you'll find many pages of articles and topics that go into great depth in defining what BDSM is.  You'll also find that a BDSM  relationship can be very unique to those involved in the relationship.  Take the time to read and you'll find things you should be aware of, such as "Safe, Sane and Consensual" (SSC) and "Risk Aware Consensual Kink" (RACK)


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