"'What is the duty of a slave girl' I inquired. 'Absolute obedience' she said, frightened. 'What are you?' I inquired. 'A slave girl,' she said. 'What is your duty?' I asked. 'Absolute obedience,' she cried out."
pg. 258,Hunters of Gor


A kajira is a slave, and yet, a very special sort of slave, and not to be confused with the usual understandings of what a slave is. A slave has no choice, makes no decisions, their likes or dislikes, opinions and whatnot, are meaningless because they have none which have not been given to them. Their love is worthless, because they have no choice in what they do or whom they love. They do as commanded, nothing more and nothing less.

A kajira is also a slave, but a kajira is a slave by choice, and therein lies all the difference. A kajira loves deeply and fully, not only as commanded but because it is so absolutely a part of her. The essence of a kajira is devotion, nothing less is worthy of her, nothing less is acceptable to the Master.

All choices belong to her Master. Her will becomes the will of the Master, his whims become her ardent desires. She is obedient in all things, and strives to always be pleasing to him. He in his turn, owns her, provides for her, ensures that she is the best that she can be, teaches her and upholds her, fulfills her need for her slavery even as she fulfills his Mastery.