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Class/Discussion regarding Presidential Fitness Program



CJsHere] 9:09 pm: okay,, as many of the girls here know, I'm a stickler on the girls being health and looking good.
[CJsHere] 9:09 pm: Whether Dominant or Master,, when a Dom has a girl, it's her responsibility to make Him proud of her,, and yes, that includes her appearance, and how she maintains herself..
[CJsHere] 9:10 pm: No, I'm not necessasarily an advocate of every girl being a size 0,,, and yes, I realize different girls are different sizes for different reasons,
[CJsHere] 9:10 pm: and yes, have similar thoughts about Dominants and the way they care for themselves..
[CJsHere] 9:11 pm: I learned long ago, physical fitness can directly equate to health, appearance, and the overall feeling of how we feel about ourselves,
[CJsHere] 9:13 pm: No,, I hate exercise probably just as much (or more) as everyone else here,, but, with that said,,, I like to hope I'll be healthy enough to live at least a few more years,, One of the things I've discovered that has really helped Me to give a girl a realistic goal to accomplish, is something commonly referred to as the Presidential Physical Fitness Progarm/Award,
[CJsHere] 9:13 pm: Some of the girls here may find that I require their participation in sometype of program, whether this one, or another,,
[CJsHere] 9:14 pm: so, with that said,, sasha, with a bit of "encouragement" volunteered (D/s style) to do a bit of research on this program and explain what it is to everyone,,
[sasha] 9:15 pm: lol, thanks Sir. just to let everyone know, i've been doing this a few weeks and it's a lot of fun and has helped me work harder at the gym and at home :) So the Presidential Fitness Program is an initiative at the federal level run by The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

[CJsHere] 9:15 pm: so, with that said, I'm going to let her talk a bit, and yes, she welcomes your questions, ,don't hesitate to ask them,, if you don't ask, then I'll assume that you know all about it, and treat that accordingly,, so, without further ado, sasha, it's yours.

[CJsHere] 9:15 pm: chuckles, go ahead girl.
[sasha] 9:15 pm: ok so a little back history! i love history--
[sasha] 9:16 pm: under the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the US gov't started the program in order to alleviate concerns about national health.
[sasha] 9:16 pm: in 1953 a study revealed our health as a nation did not measure up to our European counterparts.
[sasha] 9:17 pm: and so the Presidentail challenge was born!
[sasha] 9:17 pm: this is a program anyone can join.
[sasha] 9:17 pm: and the rules are really easy and common sense:
[fiestyN] 9:17 pm: Within the US?
[CJsHere] 9:18 pm: (within the US to actually receive the award/certificate, but anyone worldwide can participate)
[sasha] 9:18 pm: yep, i believe anyone can join Feisty, but awards go to citizens :)
[fiestyN] 9:18 pm: Thank you, Master.
[sasha] 9:18 pm: oh thanks, Sir :)
[sasha] 9:18 pm: feisty.
[sasha] 9:19 pm: Step 1. Choose an activity.
Just about any physical activity where you're using large muscle groups and burning energy counts. Going running. Playing golf. Martial arts. They're all on the list of activities. You can take the Challenge by yourself, or together with a group.
[sasha] 9:19 pm: 2. Get active.
You'll earn points for every activity you log. Points are based on the amount of energy each activity burns. So the more active you are, the more points you'll get. Earning a Bronze award takes 40,000 points. For example, if you run 40 miles a week, you can reach that amount in a little over ten weeks. More moderate activities will take a little longer.
[sasha] 9:20 pm: 3. Track your activity.
Our personal activity log makes it easy for you to track the time you spend on activities, right online. You can log your time as often as you want, in amounts as short as 5 minutes. Although you can't log time for activities you haven't done yet, you can go back up to 14 days to enter past activities.
[sasha] 9:20 pm: 4. Order your award.
When you reach your goal, your activity log will remind you that you've earned an award. You can order it right online or by mail. Then you can continue on for a Silver or Gold award.

That's all there is to it. The only thing left is to sign up and pick your first activity
[sasha] 9:21 pm: Now to join is quite simple, and i'll get to that! :)
[playthingSD] 9:21 pm: does any gym activity count
[playthingSD] 9:21 pm: like elliptical or treadmill
[sasha] 9:21 pm: ahh so glad you asked!
[sasha] 9:21 pm: here is a link to ALL the accepted activities
[playthingSD] 9:21 pm: oh good:)
[sasha] 9:22 pm:
[sasha] 9:22 pm: voila!
[sasha] 9:22 pm: ok. so check this out folks. it's pretty comprehensive.
[sasha] 9:22 pm: even housework counts!
[sasha] 9:22 pm: (grin)
[fiestyN] 9:23 pm: lol
[sasha] 9:23 pm: and here are the nice shiny medeals one can order once they've reached a mileston in the competition.
[sasha] 9:24 pm: medeals = medals
[sasha] 9:24 pm: E/everyone with me?
[elle] 9:24 pm: yes
[fiestyN] 9:24 pm: Yes
[angel4u83_AsJ] 9:24 pm: yes
[sasha] 9:24 pm: sweet!
[playthingSD] 9:24 pm: mmhhmm
[sasha] 9:26 pm: now, if you say are particularly out of shape or really really really have no desire to work out-- there are two tools at your disposal to get you motivated (and no, they do no include writing essays, fetish wear, whips, crops, tazers etc etc ;)
[sasha] 9:26 pm: the first is this:
[sasha] 9:26 pm: If you’re short on ideas or otherwise need inspiration! Go to the featured events /activities page.
This month is cycling. The site gives links to the featured activity and as a sub topic, there are links designated for all fitness levels (example: beginners, experienced, families). In my opinion, if you know how to ride a bike—click the ‘for experienced riders’ link for good advice. Simple tips many forget when beginning a new routine or activity like staying hydrated, eating properly,
[sasha] 9:27 pm: the second is this little piece of awesome:
[sasha] 9:27 pm: a little list i like to call, "stuff i alreeady do that i don't realize is good for me" :-D
[sasha] 9:27 pm:
[sasha] 9:28 pm: which is great!
[sasha] 9:29 pm: also, their is a BMI calculator on the site---
[sasha] 9:29 pm: now, i do not consider this inspiration!
[CJsHere] 9:29 pm: BMI ?
[sasha] 9:29 pm: body mass index, Sir.
[CJsHere] 9:29 pm: ;)\
[sasha] 9:30 pm: it's a ratio used to estimate health using height/weight/ age proportions
[sasha] 9:30 pm: it will classify one as average, overweight, obese etc etc
[sasha] 9:31 pm: for some, this can be a great tool, for those who are particularly sensitive or easily discouraged, it may not be so great
[sasha] 9:31 pm: now How to Sign Up! :-D
[sasha] 9:32 pm: What you’ll need:
Username/ password (you create and have access to)
Email, Name, Address, State, Zip, Sex, Age
[sasha] 9:32 pm:
[sasha] 9:33 pm: once you've joined, you can join groups in your community, place of employment, with friends or family and beyond :-D
[sasha] 9:33 pm: Once you've joined it's easy as pie!
[sasha] 9:34 pm: Start logging it all! Wear a pedometer! The more aware you are of how much you move yoru body the better you will feel and the more empowered you will be to initiate effective change. The list is really comprehensive and you can log as little as 10 minutes of activity.
[sasha] 9:34 pm: Even if you do a few loads of laundry and are hauling lots of laundry up and down the steps for 10 minutes, you can log it. Today I was at work and had to dust the high shelves that required me climbing up and down a ladder quite a bit!
[sasha] 9:34 pm: Then I mopped and swept, and took the garbage out—so i logged an hour of moderate ‘Housework’ ( i marked moderate because i broke a light sweat with all the ladder work and mopping! Phew!) Then i came home, made dinner and took a 20 minute walk w. the dog. So today i logged two activities.
[sasha] 9:35 pm: i feel good about today as yesterday i went to the gym did about 30 minutes of moderate –high workout on the elliptical, 15 minutes of stretching/yoga then 30 minutes of weight training. So today was a ‘relaxed’ activity day—just doing life stuff that is still classified as ‘active’.
[sasha] 9:35 pm: oh excuse the big I / little i disparity--- mircosoft word auto corrects all of my errors :-D
[sasha] 9:35 pm: just noticed that :)
[sasha] 9:36 pm: you can even jump start your program
[sasha] 9:36 pm: When you join, you can back log your work out for the last few weeks (just make sure you have an accurate tally!) i joined the day after swimming a good work out and was able to back log some hours. This served to really motivate me to go again. Once i realized how many points my activities were worth, I am able to better plan my workouts at the gym. For example—moderate swimming for half an hour gives me more points than a longer amount of time spent on a cardio machine going at the same r
[sasha] 9:36 pm: rate (moderate). So naturally, I now plan to spend a lot more time swimming. And when I work on cardio machines, i plan to do a longer workout to in order to gain more points.
[sasha] 9:37 pm: E/everyone understand?
[sasha] 9:37 pm: any question before i move on to the final bits?
[fiestyN] 9:37 pm: Yes
[playthingSD] 9:37 pm: yes
[fiestyN] 9:37 pm: Nope
[angel4u83_AsJ] 9:37 pm: makes sense so far
[elle] 9:37 pm: yes, ty
[elle] 9:37 pm: no questions...
[playthingSD] 9:37 pm: yes
[playthingSD] 9:38 pm: the whole medals for points thing
[sasha] 9:38 pm: ok. so if you don't have access to a comp and want to keep a paper log, you can do that, and then 'update' your profile periodically.
[playthingSD] 9:38 pm: is there a time frame for that?
[sasha] 9:38 pm: nods, will get to the points/ medal thing plaything :)
[CJsHere] 9:38 pm: hmm,, if no one else has questions,, I think I may have one or two...... listens to the others first,,,,
[playthingSD] 9:38 pm: ok ill wait:)
[sasha] 9:38 pm: Yes, Sir?
[CJsHere] 9:39 pm: sasha,, is the girl saying that one doesn't have to go do dozens of pushups, situps, 5 mile runs etc to do this program?
[sasha] 9:39 pm: well in short, Yes Sir, but one does have to make a commitment to do 30 minutes of SOMETHING everyday :)
[sasha] 9:40 pm: it's really structured to be accessible to E/everyone.
[CJsHere] 9:40 pm: ahh, I see, so effectively it's a way of tracking what you're doing to make sure you get your ass in gear doing "something",, and the benefit being that something, consistently is far better than doing nothing?
[sasha] 9:40 pm: no matter their age, loacation, or physical ability
[sasha] 9:41 pm: precisely Sir :)
[CJsHere] 9:41 pm: nods, so what you're saying,, essentially someone in a wheel chair, or with a severe physical handicap could more than likely be able to do this as well?
[sasha] 9:41 pm: it really sheds light on how much one already does-- and shows one how he or she can do more in simple ways ie. laundry! and mowing the lawn!
[sasha] 9:42 pm: oh Sir, so glad You asked this. there is actually a page for those who possess a disability and that is....
[sasha] 9:42 pm:
[sasha] 9:43 pm: and yes, Sir, anyone can do this program. it's designed to be inclusive.
[CJsHere] 9:43 pm: (and now, since I don't see questions coming, let Me see if I can ask a few of the others here, pauses momentarily in case anyone wants to slide a question in)
[CJsHere] 9:44 pm: angeleyes,, do you think this program can be used to lose weight instead of dieting?
[angeleyes-MD] 9:44 pm: yes Sir
[CJsHere] 9:45 pm: hmm, angel4u, do you agree with that?
[angel4u83_AsJ] 9:46 pm: i think it sounds like it would be a good program to use in conjunction with eating healthy
[CJsHere] 9:46 pm: hmm, sasha, ,the girls thoughts on that?
[sasha] 9:48 pm: hmm, well to be honest, if done faithfully and with a healthy diet, yes Sir. however, the program does give some rather 'soft' activities (laundry!) so it is not as rigorous as others may be... but essentially, if done faithfully, absolutely. :)
[CJsHere] 9:49 pm: text book answer,,, any program such as this should always be done with an eye towards the diet,, think of it this way,, if you run up and down a ladder 10 times a day, exceeding the requirements, how much weight do you think you'll lose if each time up and down you stop and have an extra large hot fudge sudae?
[sasha] 9:50 pm: zero Sir :)
[CJsHere] 9:50 pm: the program may help you to lose weight, but unless your other activites are foucsed on the same goal,, (such as diet, sleep, etc) you won't reach the goal.
[CJsHere] 9:51 pm: elle,, does the girl think this is a program aimed more at "sustainment",, meaning keeping your health and body where it is now,, or long range improvement?
[elle] 9:52 pm: long range improvement Sir
[CJsHere] 9:52 pm: hmm, and plaything, the girls thoghts, sustainment, or long range improvement?
[playthingSD] 9:53 pm: long range, it seems kind of like weight watchers to me, sort of like encouraging a lifestyle change that will eventually lead to you being more healthy without working as hard at it
[CJsHere] 9:54 pm: nods,, sasha, the girls thoughts?
[sasha] 9:55 pm: well, i agree with the girls Sir--- the long range improvement was the goal at it's inception .
[CJsHere] 9:56 pm: nods,,, text book answer,, essentially it's a program that is designed to acheive a long range "sustainment",, the program essentially looks at what the minimum level of activity for an individual should be and is designed to get you up to that minimum level of activity,,, that is not to say that one can't go above and beyond that,,, so yes, plaything's answer is dead on,, but,, again,, you don't have to just do the minimum,
[CJsHere] 9:57 pm: next one,,,, angel4U,, what about a girl that is pregnant, can/should she participate in something like this?
[angel4u83_AsJ] 9:59 pm: lol i love how You ask me that since i have so much experience in that area ;) lol ... but from what i hear yes, a pregnant girl should be able to participate and modify it to meet their needs, she would have to watch which intensity levels she chose to use but would still be able to exercise - yes
[CJsHere] 9:59 pm: elle, the girl has been preggo before,, her thoughts?
[CJsHere] 9:59 pm: preggo, chuckles..
[sasha] 10:00 pm: of course, if one want's to induce labor, jogging is great ;)
[sasha] 10:00 pm: from what i hear that is .... :-D
[fiestyN] 10:01 pm: lol
[CJsHere] 10:01 pm: chuckles, waits on elle's answer,
[elle] 10:01 pm: personally, as long as it was in moderation-i miscarried because i way overdid it...
[CJsHere] 10:01 pm: and I'll let sasha off on this one,,,
[CJsHere] 10:01 pm: textbook answer,,,,
[sasha] 10:02 pm: thanks, Sir :-D
[CJsHere] 10:02 pm: yes, a girl can participate in this,, exercise can actually be good for the body, if done in moderation as elle points out,, HOWEVER, mom's, use a bit of common sense here,, if doing something and it doesn't feel right, slam on the brakes,,, as part of normal pre-natal care and check ups, it's always wise to discuss this or any other similar program with your doctor..
[CJsHere] 10:03 pm: hmm wonders if I should toss out a dozen more questions,,,,,,,,,
[sasha] 10:03 pm: holds breath.
[CJsHere] 10:03 pm: nah,, back to sasha,,, I've interupted enough for the moment,,
[CJsHere] 10:04 pm: :clap:
[sasha] 10:04 pm: lol-- yay!
[sasha] 10:05 pm: ok. where was i? ahhm oh yes, logging hours on paper. there is a pdf version. hm...checks notes :)
[sasha] 10:06 pm: ah, my favorite feature of the program is the ability to form and join groups for the sake of competition and comparison.
[sasha] 10:06 pm: Groups can be public or private. A group can self describe itself as ‘work’, ‘community’, ‘school’ or ‘other’ You can search the site for groups near you or even create your own group for yourself and your friends! You can join more than one group at a time. To Join a specific ‘private group’ you’ll need the name and a group ID number (held by the administrator of said group)
[sasha] 10:08 pm: there is also published information on recent research on national health and it's relationship to active lifestyles.
[sasha] 10:09 pm: now as to playthings' question about a time limit or constraint for those desiring to win an award with their accrued points...
[sasha] 10:10 pm: as far as i can tell, the program boasts no such time resctrictions--
[sasha] 10:11 pm: CJ, Sir, do You know of any such limit?
[CJsHere] 10:11 pm: Well done sasha,, I think all here appreciate the girls efforts on this,,, bottom line girls, if you weigh 300 pounds, this isn't going to get you down to 110 pounds by tommorow,, but it isn't going to hurt,, if you're serious about taking care of yourself and being able to show a potential Master that you care for His property, this is a good way to start...
[sasha] 10:11 pm: i could not find one on the site, and under my own members' page there is nothign that indicates as such.
[CJsHere] 10:12 pm: no, there is not a time limit per se.
[playthingSD] 10:12 pm: i have a question if i may....
[CJsHere] 10:12 pm: nods to plaything,,,
[sasha] 10:12 pm: surely.
[playthingSD] 10:12 pm: are points awarded based solely on the activity, intensity, minutes, or does it also take into account your weight
[playthingSD] 10:13 pm: so like, someone already in shape would have to do that much more for the same points
[sasha] 10:13 pm: hm. that is something to consider.
[sasha] 10:13 pm: essentially the pres fit award assumes one already does 30 minutes of activite per day.
[sasha] 10:14 pm: now for those who are just starting to become active, there is another program, 'active lifestyles'
[CJsHere] 10:14 pm: essentially, the point structure is geared to the activity, no, someone that is physically fit now is not penalized,
[playthingSD] 10:14 pm: thank Y/you Sir and sasha
[CJsHere] 10:15 pm: every body is different,,, some require more activity than others, this program is based on a "minimum" guideline to keep you physically active,
[sasha] 10:15 pm: sho' nuff play. my pleasure.

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