Asj Gorean Training - White Silk Tasks/Requirements

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Asj Gorean Training

White Silk Tasks and Requirements

Within the Sanctuary Vidrew, for a slave to attain the status of "white silk", the slave must satisfactorily learn and complete and/or demonstrate a knowledge of the assignments and tasks listed below. 

To all that undertake this set of tasks, it should be well understood that this is not an easy list to complete, nor is it intended as such.  It may take many long hours of diligence and an ongoing commitment to the girls desire to become a white silk slave within the Sanctuary Vidrew.   Do not expect to be able to satisfactorily complete these tasks in the matter of a day or two.   

The information to adequately understand, solve or accomplish these tasks is all available here on the Asj web site.  Much of the information regarding procedures, protocols, etc. is taken from the various Gorean Novels, however, some of it may have been modified by the Sanctuary Vidrew to meet the needs of the Sanctuary Vidrew Community.  Regardless of your source of information, final authority for this information rests with the information published here on the Asj web site.

Unless excused by a Free of the Home, each girl in training for white silks is expected to show up in Sanctuary Vidrew for at least one hour each day, at least six days a week.  If no one else is present, this time may be used for studying, practicing, personal reflection, etc.


Learn and commit to memory the "greeting order" in the Home

1. if the slave has an Owner…sheis to enter…greet Him first…then beg to greet .

2 The Owner of the home....

3. Council members..(make sure you know who they are…NOTE: Currently a council has not been formed in Sanctuary Vidrew)

4. Free Males of the Home

5. Free men visiting.

6. Free Females of the home


7. Free Females visiting..

8. Home First Girl (fg)

9. Home trainer

10. Home slaves and visiting slaves


Note: The Free each get their own greeting line... do NOT list multiple names on one line of text in chat, this includes greetings for the first girl (fg) and the trainer. All other slaves can be greeted at once with a single entry (ie., just say "greetings sister(s)". If a male slave is present, "greetings brother(s)". Cutting and pasting of greetings is not permitted.


Assignment #2

Adjust the following statements so that they meet the expected standard of slave speech.

"i walked into the room and felt the eyes of the Free and slaves fall instantly upon me. i was terrified. i looked to Master Darius and then to Master Martoch. i felt reassured when i saw Him smile. He was the first One i looked to, the first One i always look to. Then i saw the slave, christa, and she made a face that told me she was feeling jealous and angry. So, i went and knelt beside her, so she would know she was my dear friend and would always remain so, no matter what happened with the Masters.

Assignment #3 Learn the proper way to greet within the Home.

A slave will beg permission to greet, then she thanks the Free that gave her permission to greet, then greets in the proper order.

Assignment #4  What is the proper way for a slave to depart the Sanctuary Vidrew?

A slave begs permission to leave, then thanks the Free that gave her permission to leave, says her farewells and then leaves

Assignment #5

  Learn the meaning of the following Gorean words/terms.

Jashi (Thank You)

Dela bazi (Welcome back)

Tal (Greetings)

nidan (Greeting commonly used by/for slaves)

Vana'she (Master)

Avana'shea (Mistress)

Da Vela (You're welcome)

ahn (hour)

ehn (minute)


Assignment #6

In addition to the position of "nadu" and "tower", learn six (6) of the positions listed below, and describe them in detail to include when, or the circumstances in which they would usually be used. One or two sentences is not acceptable.

1) Bara 11) Inspection
2) Belly 12) sula-ki
3) Binding 13) tower
4) Display 14) stand
5) Hair 15) bow
6) bracelets 16) prone
7) sula 17) ko'lar/submit
8) crawl 18) capture
9) leasha 19) blanket
10) display 20) nadu


Assignment #7


What is the basic duty of a kajira?  (Essay at least 200 words)


Assignment #8

What is the difference between a sub and a gorean slave?

Essay at least 200 words 



Assignment #9

Essay on kajira training…what is it to you..? min of 200 words


Assignment #10

What is the role of the first girl?


Assignment #11

Know the slave silk colors and the meaning of each


Assignment #12

Know the basics of the following serves and perform them with moderate levels of description.
a) Black wine: first and second slave.. meaning of each

b) Paga
(Chilled and Warm)
c) Ka-La-Na (Chilled and Warm)
d) Water
e) Fruit Platter
f) Pre-Cut Bosk
g) Parsit Fish


Assignment # 12 a.

Explain the difference in serving a Free Man, as compared to a Free Woman.


Assignment #13

500 word essay on the difference between having 'Pride" and being 'Prideful'.


Assignment #14

For this step, your assignment is to describe yourself, to display your individuality, grace, and beauty in a paragraph that will express to the Men of your home the kind of woman, kajira that you are or will be in Their kennels.

Assignment #15

Come up with 10 different ways to describe each of the following as they pertain to the girl. (ie., her shining eyes) in complete sentences the following:













Assignment #17

Write and perform a submission dance without heat in open room (at a time to be designated, before others in the room)


 (It is to be remembered, these tasks and requirements are subject to change and may be updated at any time without notice)

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