tower (slave position)

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tower (slave position)

In this form of nadu, she kneels the same way but with her palms down and her knees modestly together. The position may also be done with arms crossed at wrists before the kajira or the hands maybe holding something, such as a tablet for inscribing ciphers, etx. This is referred as the tower slave position and is typically reserved for underage or white-silks slave girls, free Women including those in temporary service to pay a debt, or slave girls who serve their Master in a nonsexual way.

She had not prepared herself a portion but, after I had been served, had knelt silently to one side, back on her heels in the position of a Tower Slave, a slave to whom largely domestic duties would be allotted in the Gorean apartment cylinders.

Priest-Kings of Gor, page 45


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