I can recall the first time I ever did anything that was blatantly BDSM in nature in the bedroom. BDSM is an interest that had arisen through the desires of another and one that I had not, I must admit, considered with any degree of seriousness in the past. She had expressed an interest in being spanked and this to say the least shook me somewhat. "Spanked!?," I asked her in disbelief. She began to explain that in all of the years we had been together she had always had feelings that leaned towards D/s and that to be stricken by me would be an interesting experience to perhaps spice up out "private moments".


 I thought long and hard about what she had suggested and I must admit it made me somewhat  uncomfortable, however I considered myself a fairly open-minded individual and filed her thoughts away for the future.


 Meanwhile I set out on a quest of education, one to dispel the myths about the lifestyle I had heard so  many negative things about. A month passed and on a particularly uneventful afternoon we found we had some free time alone to ourselves. Adult activities ensued and the subject that had been burning in my mind wouldn't go away, I decided to make my move and see if her desires were indeed genuine.


 We were in a particularly enjoyable position that was a favorite of hers, one that gave me a clear shot at her pretty ass.  After some time to "work up to it" I slapped her lightly on the tush in the heat of the moment, this elicited a frenzy that was anything but horrifying.  It was erotic beyond anything I had experienced to date and convinced me that more was required. I probably swatted her tush a dozen times that afternoon, each stroke with my open palm rained down more forcefully than the last, each met with more fervor by her in the process.


 Something interesting about BDSM, D/s and the lifestyle in general is that it can be as hard or as light as you like … there is no rule that says you must beat someone to the point of near unconsciousness, a few well placed palm strikes can change your whole attitude and perception about relationships and sex in general, if you are with the right person.


 I have seen the tears of joy and the "awakening" and will never go back to what was "before".