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BDSM pervertables and S&M

 DIY projects


 When commonplace items are converted to erotic - particularly BDSM - use they are known as pervertables. Many people visit Home Depot and thrift shops for reasons that would startle the clerks manning the cash registers. The motivations to convert the quotidian into the perverse are economy and creativity. Herewith a list of sites offering suggestions of possible pervertables and do it yourself bondage equipment:


Asj's List of DIY BDSM and Dungeon toys

Flea Market Pervertables by Mija

The grand dame of pervertables: The Frugal Domme

All night drug store

Simple Flogger Construction Projects

A practical guide to BDSM furniture, design and construction: Sartan�s BDSM Workshop including BDSM Workshop Projects and Working With Leather Projects

Silver & Steel: Punishment Bench and Lifting Top Punishment Bench

Marcus DragonSlayer�s BDSM Equipment and Toys

And one book: Kinkycrafts: 99 Do-It-Yourself S/m Toys for the Kinky Handyperson





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